SUMMARY - Document Server Update

From: Bill Nolf (
Date: Tue May 04 1993 - 20:54:49 CDT

Orignal Request:

I am looking for the software/application that allows someone to take requests
via e-mail on the Internet and send back to them without manual (human) intervention. I just used the rfc "mail" as example of what I need.


>From various users at and
        Almanac - available from anonymous ftp -

>From Don McLachlan -
        KISS - contract Don for more info. He sent me a copy of what he had.

>From Adam Shostack - and Mike Steadmen myk@artel
        listservs - ?

>From Ted Rodriguez-Bell
        tulp - a listservs like - comp.sources.unix volum3 26

>From Tim Evans and Steve Holmes
        netlib - - networking/mail/netlib

>From Steve Kilbane
        home grown? shellscripts

>From Donald Ballance
        archie-server - ?

Thanks, to all who responsed, sorry if I was confusing in previous messages.
Hope this answer where some of these can be obtained.

Bill Nolf
Logicon 703-318-1074 ex-202
1831 Wiehle Ave.
Reston, VA 22090

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