SUMMARY: Solaris 2.x: ps: ftw() failed, Operation not applicable

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Mon May 03 1993 - 18:16:28 CDT

On Thursday, I wrote:

>I am getting the above message when trying to get a process
>listing on a Sparc 10 clone running Solaris 2.1. In addition,
>the 'w' command get the error:
>w: open error of /tmp/ps_data: No such file or directory
>The system panicked once today, with the following:
>panic: tcp_close_detached - no mblk
>The 'ps' and 'w' errors have occurred both before and after the crash.
>There is bugID 1109686, which according to the latest SunSolve, is
>blank. Two other bugID's (1108804 and 1103825) are similarly blank.
>Can anyone tell me what's wrong?

I've received two replies, which together point the way to a solution.

Thanks to David.Miner@East.Sun.COM (Dave Miner) and Casper Dik
<>. Thanks also to any others whose replies
cross in the mail with this summary.

David suggested seeing if something was wrong/missing in /dev and
doing 'b -r' on the system. Casper reminded me about truss(1),
which when run with 'ps' generated a massively recursive reference
to /dev/ This dev file turned out to be a symlink pointing
nowhere. I looked at another Solaris 2.1 system and found that
/dev/ is a symlink to /dev/term/b and when I recreated this
link, the ps and w problems went away, without a reboot.

Casper stated that the panic I experienced had nothing to do
with the other problems, and told me about patch #'s 100884-07
and 100819-01. (Neither of these patches is mentioned in the
12/92 release of SunSolve, the latest I have--has a later version
shipped yet?) David also mentioned a Solaris 2.1 patch, but
said he'd upgraded to 2.2 and didn't recall the patch number.

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