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Date: Mon May 03 1993 - 06:56:09 CDT

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(that's me) writes:

> I'm trying to print out the sys admin section of the (solaris 2.1)
> answerbook.
> I thought I'd print out the How-To book in the general section (a quick
> reference guide) to begin with. As we haven't set up printers on this
> machine
> yet I printed to a file and copied the file to a machine running sunos
> 4.1.1.
> However, the printer barfs on the postscript file (as does ghostscript)
> complaining about the setscreen command.

Various people mailed or posted that I should add the following line near the
top of the file to be printed:

/setscreen { pop pop pop } bind def

(actually prepending it has worked so far.

Eventually I also got a reply form sun that patch #100409-02 fixes this
problem from within viewprint (It's a bit sad that the response time from the
'professionals' at sun is usually a couple of days behind the 'mere users' on
the net)


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