SUMMARY: speech synthesis for Suns (more!)

From: Justin Mason (
Date: Mon May 03 1993 - 05:43:05 CDT

Okay -- apologies to all and sundry, it seems I got it wrong...
I had said that I couldn't find the Klatt synthesisers mentioned
in the FAQ. However, when I read the FAQ, I hadn't read
"Q1.2: where are the comp.speech archives?" ;)

Apologies to all and sundry, especially Tony Robinson
<>, who has been very helpful -- I checked out
the official archive site,, and as he
said, the two Klatt synthesisers and some relevant postings
are to be found there in /pub/comp.speech/klatt.

The Klatt synthesisers are a bit obscure in their operation --
I'm checking them out now, but I wouldn't hold your breath
waiting for me to do anything with them. They make generic
synth-speech noises, which is just what I was looking for ;)

I intend to tidy them up, maybe hack on a filter for Greg
Lee's <> "eng" english->phoneme
translator which would convert eng's "arpabet" output to a
format understandable by the Klatt synths. If I have any
success, I'll post the results to alt.sources and post a pointer
here... but I'm a terrible one for starting work on something
then getting bored and forgetting about it... ;)

I'm not sure where you can get Greg Lee's eng translator --
archie is currently down at our site :(. That's how I found
it, anyway, by archie'ing for "speech" and "speak" and "phon".
I think it was registered as phonetic.tar.Z.

Just to recap, the Klatt synthesisers are in the directory, and I can't
tell you where Greg Lee's phonetic package is.

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