SUMMARY: X11R5 xterm cannot open console

From: Wei Wei Shao (
Date: Sun May 02 1993 - 19:40:49 CDT

Thanks for all of you responded.

There are three suggestions:
1. check /etc/fbtab -- The fbtab file force the permission of devices
        such as mouse, kbd, fb and cgsix0 to have the required permission
        for security reason. It does not apply here.

2. use xconsole instead of xterm -- I was aware of the xconsole program.
        Unfortunately, we do not have internet connection yet. So, I
        did not download and install it. I will keep it in mind and
        try it later.

3. use xdm and add setuid scripts to chown.
        I did not try it since we don't use xdm here. What I really don't
understand is why xterm cannot open console while the /dev/console WAS
owned by me. I don't have time to fool around with the source code. Anyway,
it still remains unresolved.

my original post:
I have just installed X11R5 and Motif 1.2 (all rebuilt from source code)
on our SPARC-10 server. But as I run xterm with -C option in order to
redirect all the console messages to the xterm window, it gives me an error:

xterm: cannot open console

The xterm window then appears and console messages still go to root window.
I RTFM and understand that user needs to own console device in order to
use the -C option. A "ls -l" shows the permission on /dev/console:
crw--w---- and it was really own by me. The same script by the way works
corret with X11R4 and Motif 1.1.4.

Your help is really appreciated. I will summarize.

Thanks for:

Wei Wei Shao

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