SUMMARY -- OW3 Vs. NeWSPrint

From: Paul A. Hepp (
Date: Tue Apr 27 1993 - 19:17:47 CDT

Thanks to alll who responded!
Openwin 3.0 and NewsPrint 1.0 are not compatible, but there is a work around!
Here is the Orig. problem:

>>Are there any Known problems between OpenWindows 3.0 and NeWSPrint on the
>>I installed OW3 on my SS2/4.1.1, then upgrade WP5.0/5.1 and tried to "lp"
>>a README file. It queued up, it gets a job number, it shows under "lpc stat"
>>and lpstat -t, as in the queue but never prints. Other laser printer (non-
>>Sparcprint) work. Used lpvitest to verfiy connection, it worked, and
>>printed fonts and geometrics. I've rebooted, used rm_np_printer and
>>add_np_printer. Still nothing.
>>Help, O' wise ones!
SOLUTION: (William C. Richards)
"I assume you are running Newsprint 1.0. If you are, NP1.0 is not compatible
with OW 3.0. What you need to do is install the small_openwin that comes with
the NP software. Then use "rm_np_printer" to remove the printer from the
printcap file and then use "add_np_printer" to reinstall the printer. When you
reinstall the printer, make sure to use the path to the small_openwin instead
of the path to the normal OW. This worked for me."

ME TOO! 12 others sent the same basic message. You people are all great.
Special thanks to Pete at Motorola Unix support in Texas!

Here is a free-be tip that I liked also:
>From: (Bob Rahe)
 "You can, if you want, symlink the small-ow font
directory to the OW3 directory, saves about 7 megs of space."

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