SUMMARY: booting from non-Sun (Ciprico) controller

From: Ned Danieley (
Date: Mon Apr 26 1993 - 16:26:27 CDT

Ned Danieley ( wrote:
: I need to be able to boot my 3/260 from a CDC disk attached via
: a Ciprico (Rimfire 3220) controller. I've done this with a 3/160,
: but it required changing the boot PROM. one possibility would be
: to swap boot PROMS (I no longer need to boot the 3/160 from the
: ciprico), but I'd hate to zap either of the PROMS. does anyone know
: if I can swap a 3/260 boot PROM for one out of a 3/160? (I can't
: use the 3/160 in the application, by the way.)

: another alternative would be a way to boot the 3/260 and then have
: it get its root, swap and usr from the CDC.

turns out that the boot PROMS are NOT compatible. swapping them
didn't hurt anything, but gave me two systems that wouldn't boot.
however, it is possible to boot off the net and then switch to the
Ciprico. the kernel config file has to have the line

config vmunix root on rf0a swap on type spec rf0b

where rf0 is the disk attached to the ciprico controller, AND
swapgeneric.c has to be slightly modified to find that controller.
thanks to


for actually figuring all this out and sending me the mods.

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