SUMMARY: Problem linking large module

From: Ze'ev Wurman (
Date: Sat Apr 24 1993 - 14:44:02 CDT

> Trying to link a large, automatically generated C program, I get:
> ld: xx.o: local symbol overflow
> The ld is correct - the xx.c file *has* a huge number of symbols.
> Unfortunately it is very difficult to change. How do I
> increase the local symbol table size? I tried the -s/-S/-x ld
> switches hoping for some help but no results.
> Some data:
> Sun 4m, OS 4.1.2 2.
> *Lots* of swap, physical memory and /tmp and /usr/tmp
> Patches? I'll have to look it up if it will turn out to be important.

Solution: Patch 100170-10 from sun (or the net. See archie)

Thanks to Robert Andersson <> for the response.
Also the GNU's gld was suggested - probably a good idea in itself.
Thanks to for that one.

And thanks <fill the blank> for this list's existence... Ze'ev

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