Accounting Summaries

From: Susan Fichera (
Date: Sat Apr 24 1993 - 01:30:57 CDT

Greetings - the question I have concerns accounting summary files on a Sun3
running OS4.0.3. The files in question - usracct and savacct. These are summaries
of accounting data maintained by the sa(8) program, for merging daily accounting
data into a compressed archive. It seems that, in looking at the options

provided by sa(8), as well as the expanded accounting utilities provided in OS4.1.x,
there is no way to get a printout of the accounting data that has been merged
into usracct and savacct. The utilities only allow one to look at what is in the
original acct (or pacct) file, before that data is merged into the archive files.

So, my question is, does someone have a handy little utility for breaking data
out of usracct and savacct? Am I overlooking a utility provided by Sun?
I am particularly interested in summaries of commands and processes per user.

Susan Fichera

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