SUMMARY: LaserJet4 problems

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Sat Apr 24 1993 - 01:23:50 CDT

I did finally get the LaseJet4 up and running. My problem
may or may not have been due to the printcap file that
HP supplied. I was inadvertently running getty on the
tty line that the printer was hooked up to!! Dumb dumb dumb!

The serial line with a null modem adapter works just grand. I
am also using the following printcap.


The Printer is also set up to be serial RS-232, Xon/Xoff,
Robust xon = on, and DTR Polarity = HI

Before I thank everyone that gave me such great advice I'd like
to point out the lack of support that HP themselves offer. HP
only recognizes MAC's and PC's in the support of their equipment.
They have NO interest at all in supporting any unix environment
for these printers. Yes, they were proud that they didn't even
know how to set them up on even the HP unix boxes!! As UNIX
types never call them for support, they don't feel that they
should support ANY unix style use of their printers. I don't
doubt that most UNIX types would never stay on hold for upwards
of 30 minutes long-distance ... ( I did.. It didn't do my blood-
pressure any favours.. But I was in a Hospital at the time, so I
felt fairly safe. )

My lab wants to purchase other such printers, but I am looking
for any alternative 600dpi printers at reasonable cost.. We may
be forced into getting another one.. Oh well.. I know hoe to
hook them up now!!!

Many thanks to

"Dave Kinchlea" <>
"Robert D. Worsham" <>
"Roy S. Hallquist, Jr." <>
"Susan Thielen" <>
Joseph McPherson <>
Stefan Mochnacki <> (Adam Shostack) (Dave Doherty) (Kevin Heagney)
imatron!peter@uunet.UU.NET (Peter Cooke [Orca]) (Jake Mahon) (John Benjamins)
obs! (E. Mike Durbin) (Robert N. Thompson)

Here is my original post.

Out of a courtesy, HP supplies the following printcap...


where the is the escape character...

 for a serial line....

I've got a null-modem serial line connected to ttyb and I have
the settings on the laserjet as being... rs-232, xon/xoff, 9600
baud, robust xon = on, dtrpolarity = hi...

I have been talking to the people at HP.. I won't get into too many
details except to say that they feel it is a courtesy they print
the printcap and that unix types never call them often so they don't
actively try to support it.. unless you own the network card...etc..

Anyone who has done this before, please help show me the light!

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