summary: traceroute hosts mapping?

Date: Fri Apr 23 1993 - 04:54:59 CDT

Here is a summary of the answers to my original question:

> Is there a tool that can take the host IP addresses returned by the
> 'traceroute' program and map them to (human) readable host names?
> Kind of like doing the reverse 'nslookup' on each IP address.
> The reason, of course, is to try to figure out what locations do
> my packets go thru.
> This isn't in the FAQ and I don't remember seeing it discussed.

There were so much help from the net that my mailbox kept filling up
for 2 days! That's why I'd like to give a summary before I can try
out some of the suggested PD programs.
The answers fall into several main avenues, the 1st is probably the
best fit to my situation:

1. Traceroute actually does the symbolic lookup where it can (and if
        built properly, which is the case here). Most of the IP addrs
        are router ports which normally do not have names kept in any
        DNS domain.

2. Use nslookup which can do the IP-to-name mapping. Eg.
        % nslookup
        Default Server: ....
        Address: ...
> set q=ptr
> {IP addr you want translated in reverse}
> cntl-d

3. Use the PD pkg called "dig" from in pub/unix/syst/host.tar.Z.

4. Use the PD pkg called "host".

5. Use the PD pkg called "domain" (I have never heard of this).

6. Use the PD pkg called "nslook" (I have never heard of this).

7. Use the PD pkg "nsq" from in /pub/DNS.Talk/src/nsq.

8. You can try:
        1. telnet (ip address
        2. Type: whois
        3. Type: net ip address of the net you want info on.

9. Numerous little shell scripts that use combinations of the above,
        as well as a couple of C programs that call gethostbyaddr().

It seems all the solutions above require a full IP address, while
I was hoping that partial translation can be done at least to tell
me which company or institution network a packet actually goes thru.
Hearty thanks to all that replied; too many names to mention saving
hopefully some net bandwidth.

David C. Kwong

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