SUMMARY: lpq: waiting for lock on /dev/ttya

Date: Thu Apr 22 1993 - 19:19:51 CDT


Sparc10m20 running 4.1.3, printing to a generic PS printer.
The queue is stuck, and lpq responds with the error
"waiting for lock on /dev/ttya". What does this mean?


1 It probably means some other process has executed a flock() or lockf()
  call against /dev/ttya already. Are you sure ttya is disabled in ttytab
  so there is no getty running on it?

2 kill off lpd, switch off the printer and wait a few
  seconds, switch the printer on again and kick off lpd

3 The solution is to find any process called "pscomm" which may be running and
  kill it (them). What I do is a "ps -aux | grep pscomm" and then kill the
  offending processes.

4 Do a ps -auxgww and look for jobs that are owned by daemon.


I double-checked for #1; the ttytab file was correct.
I tried #2, that didn't work. #3 was on the right track, but the
process was not called 'pscomm'. I did #4, and yes, there was a
daemon-owned process called 'npcomm.T'. I killed it, and that
immediately freed up the queue.

Thanks everyone!
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