SUMMARY: Seagate ST42400N woes

From: David Walker (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1993 - 11:16:16 CDT


> SUNOS 4.1.1
> sd1: <Seagate ST42400N cyl 2622 alt 2 hd 19 sec 83>
>. I've been having trouble with the defect list of a Seagate ST42400N. It's
>a brand new drive, exactly the same as one we already have running hapily
>on another similar sun.
>Is this a problem with the drive/controller or am I being dumb?

  I moved the disk onto the other sun and re-formatted and labelled the
disc after the format. So the solution was either
  a) The first Sun didn't have the patch to allow big disks to be
     formatted under 4.1 (which I thought it had).
  b) To label the disk after formatting.

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