Re: SLIP etc on SunOS 4.1.x (summary) [Thanks, morningstar!]

From: Dave Madden (
Date: Mon Apr 19 1993 - 06:16:35 CDT

Hello, world.

[I've been trying to get news out to the world for a few days now, but
have been having trouble with Cnews. If you're reading this, you know
I fixed things :-)]

Thanks to everybody who sent suggestions & experiences. (I'd thank
you individually, but your postings are on a different machine that I
can't get to just now because of modem difficulties.) I didn't get
many responses, but I did find out that DialupIP doesn't work on SunOS
4.x. The slip-4.1.1 package I downloaded a few days ago installed OK
and I expect it would work, but it didn't seem to have elegant connect
and disconnect capability. (Doesn't matter if you have an extra phone
line and don't have to pay by the minute to have it connected, but I
have neither luxury.) I got one good review of pppd-2.3verybeta, but
couldn't find it with archie. [I did eventually get a copy from Marc
Something-or-other-whose-message-is-on-another-machine, but haven't
done anything with it yet.] I found pppd1.01-beta, though, and am
happy to report that it installed smoothly and worked without *any*
undocumented tweaking on my part.

I ftp'd it just before I went home last night, brought it home on my
laptop, transferred it to my home machine, and compiled/installed it.
This morning, I set it up on my machine at work, and was able to
connect to my home machine on the first attempt. I've hardly used it
at all, but I was able to telnet and ftp from work to home. I have an
ELC running 4.1.2 and a Telebit QBlazer (v.32, 9600 + compression) at
home, and a 3/50 running 4.1.1 and some 2400 baud junk modem at work.
Telnet performance was OK (didn't try much screen-mode editing), and
ftp gave ~.15kbyte/sec on a ~1K ascii file. Running an xterm at home
and displaying at work was *painful*.

pppd1.01 is easy to install; the instructions are *very* terse, but if
you've built at least one kernel and can use an editor, you can do it.
The review I received of pppd-2.3verybeta said it was (almost?)
completely loadable (so you don't have to build a new kernel or
reboot), and includes dialup-on-demand / disconnect-on-idle. I don't
really need those features, and couldn't find pppd-2.3 anyway, so I'm
going to stick with 1.01.

I have to put in a plug for Morningstar Technologies (or something
like that ... their message is on an inaccessible machine), because
this is the second time I've gotten good information from somebody
there in response to a net.question. I don't know what their business
is, but I hope it's going well, because they deserve it.

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