SUMMARY: can't boot from CD-ROM

From: Phillip Thomas (
Date: Fri Apr 16 1993 - 15:14:05 CDT


Sorry for such a late summary but I had hoped I could summarize with an answer
to my problem. Nobody has had the same problem and I've not had much time to
look at it. Anyhow, here was my original question:

> Hi,
> I have been trying to boot our Sun4/470 from the internal CD-ROM with no luck.
> This is a 4/470 with 32MB of memory, IPI disks, 3 Ethernet controllers,
> running SunOS4.1.1, and ROM Revision 3.0. I have tried to boot from the
> SunOS4.1.1 CD and the SunOS4.1.2 CD and get the same error. The machine
> works fine other than this. The CD-ROM drive works when the machine is up
> and running.
> I try to boot from the monitor with this command:
> b sd(0,30,1)
> The error messages are:
> Correctable Memory Error on Board 0 at
> Physical Address 0xD411E000, Syndrome Register CE000000
> <similar error messages>
> Watchdog Reset
> I ran the memory test and it comes out okay.
> The 4.1.2 release manual mentions a problem with 470's with IPI drives and
> Rom Revisions earlier than 3.0 having a problem booting from CD and offers
> a workaround. The workaround is to use this command when booting:
> b sd(0,30,1) -asw
> and then answer the prompts it gives. This does not work either and produces
> the following error messages:
> /: bad dir ino 2 at offset 0: mangled entry
> lookuppn failed: No such file or directory
> copen: bad vn_open
> Has anyone had a similar experience or have any idea what this is?

Some people thought this was the wrong command to boot from a CD but I
believe it is the correct command for a 4/470.

The only person who responded about a similar problem said:

From: (Kevin Heagney)
If a Sun ELC has a mixture of 16 MByte and 4 MByte SIMMs, the first SIMM
slot must contain a 16 MByte SIMM, otherwise a local CD-ROM disk drive
might not work. You might be having a similar problem with the Sun 4/470.

When it is fixed I will summarize again.

Thanks to the following: (Kevin Heagney) (Beni Wittlin EUU2 4001)
 "Susan Thielen" <>
 antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU (Barnes William)

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