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From: Michael Livsey (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1993 - 20:47:54 CDT

rsh definitely addresses the problems I was experiencing with the "on"
command under Solaris 2.1. In addition, it provides better security since
execution is controlled by /etc/hosts.equiv and /.rhosts. I've now modified
my openwin menus to use rsh and xon to run all my network applications.

The only note I have about rsh is that it won't spawn a cmdtool or shelltool
between Solaris 2.1 boxes; it core dumps :-( rsh has no problems spawning a
xterm, however so use that instead.

I would like to sincerely thank the 100+ people who responded to my request.
I shall not list names for fear of leaving someone out (my BBS loses almost
as much mail as it double posts!). I apologize for flaming about Solaris
2.1, but six weeks of no solutions from the hot line was enough. With the
exclusion of my problem with NFS, I've managed to receive solutions from
this group to all my Solaris 2.1 problems within a week.

Thanks again.

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