SUMMARY: 4.1.3 on SparcClassics (NO SOLUTION)

From: Joel L. Seber ... CH210 (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1993 - 16:47:34 CDT

Thanks, everyone, for being patient about this summary. I wanted to keep
it out long enough for everyone to get a chance to reply.

The general concensus for my situation is that it can't be done without the
original SUNOS sources and a lot of work, or Sun supplying the necessary
changes (unlikely, although I would like to appeal to Sun to consider doing
this, given the large amount of interest generated on this list and the
solaris discussion list). If you still, care, read on...

The responses ranged from several 'me, too's to outright flames. Several
people told me about Axil Computers of San Jose, CA, who has ported 4.1.3 to
the MicroSparc arcitecture and provides it for some Sparc clones. However,
many expressed doubt that it would work on Sun systems for one reason or
another, and also correctly said that it wouldn't be legal to use it on
machines other than the clones, as that is what the OS is licensed for.

Thanks to everyone who replied (even the flamers! :-) ): (Hans-J. Nagel) (Marcel Bernards) (Steve Elliott) (Tom Crummey) (Arie Bikker) (Tim Evans) (Michael Harrington) (John Marsh) (Christian Hnilica) (Frank Henderson) (Donald McLachlan) (Steve Hanson) (Terry Rosenbaum) (Roger Jagoda) (Bill Hunter) (Ed Arnold) (Jairo A. Medina) (Timothy G. Smith) (John DiMarco) (Jim Lick) (Kevin Sheehan) (Richard J. Niziak) (Geert Jan de Groot) (Glenn Satchell)
pec! (Hal Zhou) (Scott Boyd) (Syed Zaeem Hosain) on solaris
                                             list (Jeff Martin)

My original query:

>Simply put, I need to be able to run SUNOS 4.1.3 on a Sparc Classic system.
>I have seen another post where someone said it could be done, and Sun seems
>unwilling to help. If anyone has the knowledge and can share it, I would
>very much appreciate it.
>Disclaimer: I am *NOT* asking anyone to compromise their job by giving
>me this information. My organization or myself will not be responsible for
>any problems caused by your actions.

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