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From: William C. Richards (
Date: Thu Apr 15 1993 - 13:26:49 CDT

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> Greeting Fellow Sun Managers,
> I recently installed Solaris 1.0.1 and OpenWindows 3.0 on my SS 2. Since then
> I have not been able to use my SPARCprinter. Everytime I go to print using > the standard "lpr -h <filename>" command, the Sunview screen is taken over
> by X for a moment and then released. lpq says that the file is actively
> printing, but after a long wait, X takes over again, releases, and the file is
> never printed. When I reinstalled the Newsprint software, I also installed the
> small OpenWindows which came with the Newsprint since I heard that Newsprint 1.0 will not work with OW 3.0. Are there any suggestions on how to resolve this
> situation? What version of Newsprint should I have? Also, what version of
> NP will I need for Solaris 2.1.
> I've posted this question once before in alt.sys.sun but go no response, so all
> responses will be greatly appreciated. I will compile a summary of any
> responses I get.
> Thanks all.
> PS - I forgot to mention that if I am in OpenWindows, the screen simply locks
> up.

The general concensus to solve the problem was to run "rm_np_printer" to remove
all the printer specifications and then run "add_np_printer" to re-setup the
printers in the printcap (ensuring the I had the proper path pointing to the
small openwindows provided with the printer drivers.)

As for the version of Newsprint, NP 2.1 for Solaris 1.x and NP 2.5 for Solaris

Thanks again for all your help. It was really too simple.

Peter Richards

Special thanks to the following for their responses:

Ron Russell <> (Gary Riseborough (ITO2))
Long T. Truong <lttruon@grgv11277.PacBell.COM>
Randy J. Ott <randy@sisdbell.Logicon.COM> (Peter Watkins) (Birger A. Wathne) (Bill Lenherr) (Danielle Sanine)

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