SUMMARY: Dialup Internet Access

From: randy@sisdbell.Logicon.COM
Date: Thu Apr 15 1993 - 04:22:31 CDT

Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly. Many sent specific company
recomendations, while several people sent me EXACTLY what I needed: The Public
Dialup Internet Access List (PDIAL). UNFORTUNATELY, there is no company which
offers an Omaha local phone number (yet, MIDnet is in the process of
establishing dialup connections), but there are several companies with 800
access and access via a Public Data Network (PDN) (for example, the local
Compuserve number). Unfortunately, there is a per hour charge for 800 or
PDN use.

Anyhow, the PDIAL list is to LARGE for sun-managers, but those of you who
want to get the PDIAL list, here are the instructions (from the list itself):

| Randy J. Ott | randy@sisdbell.Logicon.COM |
| Logicon, Inc. | (402) 291-7750 (Voice) |
| 1408 Fort Crook Road South | (402) 291-2503 (Fax) |
| Bellevue, NE 68005 | |

P.S. I will be glad to mail the PDIAL list out to anyone who requests it.
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From: PDIAL -7-
Subject: How People Can Get The PDIAL (This List)

USENET: The PDIAL list is posted semi-regularly to alt.internet.access.wanted,
alt.bbs.lists, ba.internet, and news.answers.


  From the Information Deli archive server (most up-to-date):
    To receive the current edition of the PDIAL, send email with the subject
    "Send PDIAL" to "". To subscribe to a list
    which receives future editions as they are published, send email with
    the subject "Subscribe PDIAL" to "". To
    receive both the most recent and future editions, send both messages.

  From the news.answers FAQ archive:
    Send email with the message "send usenet/news.answers/pdial" to
    "". For help, send the message "help"
    to "".

FTP ARCHIVE SITES (PDIAL and other useful information):

  Information Deli FTP site: []

  As part of a collection of public access lists:
    VFL.Paramax.COM:/pub/pubnet/pdial []
    (used to be GVL.Unisys.COM)

  From the Merit Network Information Center Internet information archive: []

  As part of an Internet access compilation file: []

  As part of the news.answers FAQ archive: []

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