Pre Summary: Net name and pcnfs

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Tue Apr 13 1993 - 13:30:20 CDT

I posted a couple days ago about a pcnfs problem... I still have the
problem, But would like to point out a couple more details and
try still to get a bit more aid!! I have gotten a great deal so far,
but my problem stills persists. I'll post my original problem.

I am running pcnfsd on my NIS server, a sun 4/370... The versions
of pcnfs that I run are.. 3.0.1, 3.5 and 4.0. I can log in via
net name on my pc'c running 3.0.1.. that DON"T use yp.. BUT
on machines running 3.5 I can't I get a user authentication
error everytime. I had a phone call from one individual that
had a problem with UID's of less than 101.. I have tried changing
this ... to no avail... SO I'm still on the hunt for a solution..

Here's the original message..

>My network of Sparcs and PC's has always had a little glich. When the
>user turns on their pc runing any of the versions of PCNFS that we
>have here, they are prompted for user name and password. Now I have
>never been able to make this work. It wasn't a serious problem until
>I installed PC-NFS lifeline. Now my users need to log in as a user
>and not nobody, so they can read their mail! I've gone through the
>PCNFS manuals over and over... They indicate that I need to do
>a NET NISDOMAIN and a NET NISSET command initially.... This I in fact
>do. But there doesn't seem to be anything else to do. Now I am not
>sure if there is something on the server side that needs doing.
>Well, the server is a Sun4 4/370 running 4.1.1. The version of PCNFS
>is 3.5 in this case. And the error I get is the user authentication
>one... where the username and password are asked for, but are never

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