SUMMARY: 424Mb drives in a SS1/1+

From: Robert C. Bethel (
Date: Sun Apr 11 1993 - 12:22:28 CDT

SUMMARY: 424Mb drives in SS1+

Thanks to all who responded. The collective experience of the group
indicated that 424Mb drives work fine internally mounted in the
SparcStation 1/1+ chassis. Jefferi Holland responded that were using
a third-party 1.2Gb drive in a SS1+ with no problems so far. One
suggestion was to keep one of the drive slots free to help air-flow
and thus reduce the internal temperature of the chassis.

The bottom line.... it looks like internally using one higher capacity
drive in the SS1/1+ is ok.

Robert C. Bethel

Thanks to:

Adam W. Feigin <uunet!!awf>
Henry Katz <uunet!nucmed.NYU.EDU!hkatz>
Jefferi Holland <uunet!!holland>
Christian Lawrence <uunet!!cal>
Glenn Satchell <uunet!fourx.Aus.Sun.COM!ups!upstage!glenn>
Thomas Hutton <uunet!!hutton>

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