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Date: Sun Apr 11 1993 - 08:14:57 CDT

Sun Managers:

Many months ago I requested information on a serial communications
package similar to PROCOMM (i.e., able to support a variety of
protocols ([XYZ]-MODEM, etc.). Belatedly, here is my summary.

Recommendations were for:
    . pcomm
    . [xyz]-modem
    . sx/sb/sz rx/rb/rz (suite of tools?)
    . ECU
    . BLAST (commercial pkg)
    . MLINK (commercial pkg)

Several folks reported using tip to do the dialing/connection stuff and
then using the ~C capability to invoke a particular transfer agent
(e.g., zmodem or sz/rz).

Fergus McMenemie sent an XMODEM protocol description and source code,
both originally from Ward Christensen.

One or two people mentioned uupc, or ethernet connectivity to PCs,
but these replies did not address the original question.

Many folks recommended "pcomm", developed by Emmet P. Gray. Mr. Gray
himself wrote:

} Pcomm is a public domain, menu driven, telecommunication program for Unix
} designed to operate similar to the popular MSDOS program, ProComm.
} ...
} The current version of Pcomm is v1.2.10 (meaning version 1.2 at patch
} level 10). [ this info may now be out of date - vsh ]
} ...
} The "always current" version of Pcomm and all the patches are available
} via anonymous ftp from (

I obtained pcomm sources from the uunet archives. I handed it off to
the programmer who had requested the capability. He built it, but ran
into some problems using it, and gave up. I offered to point him at
sources for help, but he didn't want to take the time. [ users! :-( ]

Replies summary, and thanks to:

    PD packages mentioned:

            Emmet P. Gray (fthood!
            Guntram Wolski (
            Daniel J. Huber (
            Peter Shipley (uunet!tfs.COM!shipley)
            John Kilheffer (
            John Valdes (
            Matt Goheen (

            Fergus McMenemie (
            Frank Lowe (
            Sheryl Coppenger (
            Margaret Mikulska (

        sx/sb/sz rx/rb/rz:
            Matt Goheen (
            Mark C. Edwards (

            Daniel J. Huber (

    Commercial packages mentioned:

            Guy Boudreault (

        MLINK, from: Corporate Microsystems, Inc. 603-448-5193
            Doug Neuhauser (

 Steve Harris - Eaton Corp. - Beverly, MA -

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