SUMMARY: Xkernel PEX problem

From: Susan Thielen (
Date: Fri Apr 09 1993 - 22:56:16 CDT

This summary has been very long in the coming. I must apologize.. but
things just keep hitting fans all the time.

My original post was

>Well, I've finally had a chance to get back to my turning a
>colour sun3/60 into an xterminal.... It still doesn't quite
>work.. but since I've isntalled openwin3 things are getting
>a lot closer.. I finally get the login prompt on the
>sun3/60 to be the one I specify.. great.. But.. in my xdm-error
>file I get
> Undefined symbol: _XrmPermStringToQuark
>and on the screen, after I type in my name and password, I get
>the following message on the screen
>*PEXExtensionInit Couldn't open default PEX font file Roman_*
>I am running with the xdm from openwin3 as well as the xrdb
>from openwin3 as well...

Well.. I'm not sure anymore just how I did fix this... except that
there is something really quite odd about the fonts and the fontpath
and having the PEX fonts in the fontpath and knowing that they were
indeed called

Roman.phont Roman_M.phont

I found the fontpath a very tricky definition. I had to set it to
just /usr/local/X11/lib/fonts... and not

/usr/local/X11/lib/fonts/misc:/usr/local/X11/lib/fonts/PEX ... etc

like a usual path sort of variable...

ANd of course I had many more troubles with this thing.. the sun3
running as a X-terminal of sorts.. But it is up and running. It
could use a bit more tweeking.. but there are so many things that
one could do...

I offer great thanks to both

David Wiseman <>

for excellent tips... and of course to
Seth Robertson <>
for his grand help


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