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Date: Fri Apr 09 1993 - 15:32:04 CDT

Original question:

-> I am experiencing a strange problem on the
-> /home partition of one of our servers
-> (690 MP, SunOS 4.1.3). The problem is that
-> the partition does not appear in "df"
-> or "mount" listings, even though the
-> filesystem appears to be otherwise working
-> fine. This partition is local to the machine
-> (i.e., not NFS mounted). If I type:
-> df /home
-> I get the error message:
-> Could not find mount point for /home.
-> If I type:
-> df /dev/id002g
-> I get normal df output (minus mount point):
-> Filesystem kbytes used avail capacity Mounted on
-> /dev/id002g 458511 362250 50409 88%
-> The filesystem is readable and writeable, it just
-> doesn't show up in df or mount listings.
-> Anybody seen this before?? Any clues to the problem??


Almost everyone told me to look at the /etc/mtab file which
df references (and mount maintains). It was pointed out that /etc/mtab
is not properly updated if the / filesystem is full (not the case
in this instance). It was also suggested that I try to
do a "mount -f /home" to "fake" the mount and add the appropriate
entry in /etc/mtab. Unfortunately the server had to be rebooted
before I got a chance to look at /etc/mtab, or try "mount -f /home".

It was also suggested that the automounter was sitting on /home,
and that is what I suspect was the culprit. However, prior
to rebooting I tried to kill the automounter and that didn't
solve the problem.

Many thanks to the following respondents:

        Hal Stern
        Guy Harris
        Hap Hinrichs
        Kevin Sheehan
        Barry Margolin
        Ray Brownrigg
        Eckhard Ruggeberg
        Glenn Satchell
        John McKenzie
        Edward Eldridge
        Daniel Trinkle
        Brian Farrell
        Thomas Oliver
        Larry Weissman
        Elmar Kurgpold
        Steve Vu

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