SUMMARY: Interim summary: QMS-1725 Printer won't

From: Mike Jewison (
Date: Wed Apr 07 1993 - 03:02:53 CDT

A few weeks ago I wrote:

> Greetings again, fellow Sun Managers.
> We've upgraded our printer from a QMS-PS810 to a QMS1725 and have encountered
> a number of problems. The printer is connected to the parallel port on our
> ALM2 board. This configuration works flawlessly with the 810; I can't say
> the same for the 1725. My observations so far:
> - Any PostScript files sent to the printer via lpr get into the printer's
> memory and then vanish in a puff of electrons.
> - PS files obtained from other sites print fine when I use the following
> command:
> cat > /dev/mcpp0
> - Any PS files created by our TeX software (ArborText TeX Version
> which I try to cat to /dev/mcpp0 disappear as well.
> Our TeX installation, which is probably 4-5 years old, includes a couple of
> filters (if and vf) which get referenced in /etc/printcap as well as a
> binary file called "qmsps", which replaces the standard "lpr" command. With
> the 1725, anytime I try to print a file in such a manner as to access the
> printcap file (lpr or qmsps) nothing comes out. If I try to "cat" a file
> which our ArborText dvips software has created, nothing somes out. I'm
> guessing that I have several problems here:
> 1) The filters and printcap entry for the 810 don't work with the 1725. Does
> anyone have working copies of these they'd like to share?
> 2) Our TeX installation needs to be updated.
> 3) There are some configuration parameters on the QMS-1725 that haven't
> been set properly.
> As I said, these are just guesses. If anyone has any other suggestions I'd
> love to hear them. Many thanks.


Number (3) appears to be the culprit.

First off, my apologies for the long delay in posting this summary. I haven't
yet completely solved the problem, but I am making progress. It seems the
problem lies with the fact that our TeX software requires a number of fonts
and operators be downloaded to the printer from the host. Birger A. Wathne
was on the right track when he suggested playing with the sizes of the
internal buffers. By playing with the memory for downloaded fonts and the
PSHeap I can inconsistently print jobs that never would print before. Still
not perfect, but at least it's progress. Once I have things well in hand I'll
post a more complete summary.

Several people suggested that I check to ensure that the header page was being
suppressed (":sh:" in the printcap entry). I had already done this.

My thanks to all who responded:

Birger A. Wathne
Edmundo Monteiro
Chuck Yerkes
Lawrence A. Bilker
Ralf Kalwa
Mike Rembis


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