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Date: Tue Apr 06 1993 - 07:25:36 CDT

Hello to all, and thanks for the answers...

My original question was where can I get a decent copy of olvwm. I'm runnning OW3 and Sunos 4.1.1 thru 4.1.3 on our networks. We were sent the olvwm binary from one of our subs but I could not get it to work. So , as always, go get the best help you can find - THE SUN MANAGERS
Responses were..

1. place the binary in $OPENWINHOME/bin with same ownership and permissions as olwm. Add the following to the users .xinitrc file.
        if [ -x $OPENWINHOME/bin/olvwm ]; then
                olvwm -syncpid $pid &
                olwm -syncpid $pid &
2. Source files can be ftp-d from They always have the latest versions.

3, Install the patches with the source (IN ORDER!!!). Then compile...

4. Don't forget that the executable needs,,, and

I'll try to pick up the source and do the install myself. If it does not work, some of you will be hearing from me for the files (look for a loud HHHEEELLLPPP!!!)

Thanks-a-plenty go to:

Michael D. Reynolds <>
Mark E. Almeida <mealmei@srv.PacBell.COM>
Rick Pluta <>
John Murtari <>
Andy J. Stefancik <>
John Ellithorpe <>
Christian Hnilica <>
Derrick J. Brashear <>
Russ Walsh <>

Oleg Chaikovsky
Mac/Sun Systems Manager
Rockwell International - Downey

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