SUMMARY: gcc on solaris 2.1 - how

From: Doug Rinckes (
Date: Mon Apr 05 1993 - 18:23:54 CDT

Getting the Gnu Compilers to work on Solaris 2.1

First, and possibly the easiest:
        Get a copy of the Catalyst CD for Solaris 2.1. This has a copy of
        gcc 2.1 on it. Then get a copy of gcc 2.3.3 and compile it with
        gcc 2.1. (gcc 2.3.3 fixes a couple of bugs present in the 2.1

        I have ordered this CD and it is apparently on it's way.

Alternatively you can ftp the gcc 2.3.3 binaries from:*

        I tried this, but I can only ftp via mail, and
        didn't like the time the connection got run and threw me out.

        Anyway, don't you need the libraries? Maybe not. I don't know.

Thanks to:
        John DiMarco <> (Guy Harris)

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