SUMMARY: Alternate Sources for Olvwm3 Patches

From: Brian Decker (
Date: Sat Apr 03 1993 - 02:17:43 CST

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> I have tried using ftpmail three times to retrieve the olvwm3 patches
> from /contrib on Each time I get them the Patch01
> file is OK, but the Patch02, and Patch03 files are scrambled up and
> cannot be used.
> Are there any alternate locations from which I can retrieve the olvwm3
> patch files?

Shortly after posting my message, George Pallas ( responded by
emailing good copies of the three OLVWM patches to me. I am not sure what the
original problem was, but I appreciate the speedy response.

Also, I have a followup to my post about FTPD generating an Error 78 message
to users running SCO Unix on their local host connecting to a Sun running
4.1.3. Older SCO Unix (3.2.2 or previous) can only accept 14 character


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