SUMMARY: 1/2" reel tape support for desktop systems

From: Gary Braida (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1993 - 15:23:02 CST

Thanks to all who responded and a special thanks to Rodney Weaver for supplying
plenty of information allowing me to actually find a piece of hardware that will
do the trick.

Rodney noticed an advertisement in this months Sun Observer magazine for a 1/2" reel
tape drive with a SCSI interface from Western Scientific of San Diego CA. I gave
them a call (619-565-6699 or 1-800-443-6699) and they quickly faxed me some
information on the product. This particular unit is made by Overland Data Inc.
and is very compact as far as reel tape drives go and has a reasonable price tag
of approximately $4900 US.

I'm sure there are more vendors with similar products so look around. Once again,
thanks to all those who responded.


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