SUMMAARY: Problems reading CDROMs

From: Mike Jewison (
Date: Fri Apr 02 1993 - 02:20:48 CST

Yesterday, I said:
> Last month I upgraded our Sparc 1 from SunOS 4.1.1 to SunOS 4.1.3. This Sparc
> has a Toshiba CD-ROM connected to it which we have been using for some time
> to retrieve images from disks provided by NASA. (The images are from the
> Galileo spacecraft.)
> Since the upgrade we are unable to read the images from the CDROMS, although
> we can see the header labels, which are stored as short, separate ASCII files.
> When we attempt an "ls" of a directory on the CDROM, the following error
> messages scroll up on the console:
> hsfs: filetype (0x8) not supported
> hsfs: filetype (0x8) not supported
> hsfs: filetype (0x8) not supported
> hsfs: filetype (0x8) not supported
> hsfs: filetype (0x8) not supported
> hsfs: filetype (0x8) not supported
> hsfs: filetype (0x8) not supported
> It would seem that the headers can be read fine but the image files cannot.
> For each header file in a directory (which is successfully read), one of the
> above errors is generated, indicating (to me, anyway), that the corresponding
> image file has a problem. The typical size of these images is around 600 kB.
> I am running an unmodified GENERIC kernel, with the HSFS option set. All of
> the other CDROMS I have can be read with no problems; it appears these
> Galileo disks are the only which which exhibit this behaviour.
> We have a new CDROM reader (from Sun) connected to our 690MP server, also
> running the GENERIC kernel, which exhibits the identical behaviour with these
> disks.


Interestingly, I succeeded in finding a solution before my original message
appeared on the list. There are a number of NASA CDROM sets which Sun
cannot read because, according to a README file I was directed to, "the data
files are of type RECORD, which Sun chose not to support because there is no
UNIX interface to access the RECORD structure file."

The two solutions I was given were:

1) Patch the kernel. Of course if you rebuild the kernel the patch would
   need to be reapplied.

2) Modify the file /usr/sys/'arch -k'/OBJ/hsfs_node.o instead. I opted
   for this solution - I copied a premodified version of this file from
   the anonymous ftp site at in /pub. The README file
   was locaated there, as well.

My thanks to for pointing me in this direction.

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