SUMMARY: SPARCprinter toner cartridge

From: Jose M. Alcaide (
Date: Thu Apr 01 1993 - 19:05:36 CST

This was my question:

> The toner cartridge that came with our SPARCprinter is getting empty. I tried
> to buy a new cartridge, but none of our toner suppliers knows this printer
> model. So I need to find out the type of machinery of the SPARCprinter or,
> still better, a well-known printer model that uses the same toner cartridge
> that SPARCprinter does. Anybody can help me?

Well, up to this moment I have received many, many answers. Thanks! Some
netters told me that this problem was discussed some months ago. I apologize
for not retrieving the SUMMARIES; I'm new to this list.

Some people said that they have the same problem. Others suggested that I
call SunExpress; unfortunately this service still doesn't work in Spain.
Sun Spain sells the toner, yes, but priced very very high ($350+taxes).

Most people gave me the solution: the SPARCprinter is really a Xerox 4030.
Xerox makes the SPARCprinter in Japan (in fact, the SPARCprinter has a
"Made in Japan" label, so I first thought that it was equivalent to some
Japanese printer model). Both the Xerox 4030 toner and drum cartridges will
work with the SPARCprinter. Our supplier of printer consumables sells the
Xerox 4030 toner cartridge for $150 (here in Spain _everything_ is more
expensive that in the USA - arggghh).

Thanks to: (sorry if I forget someone!)

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