SUMMARY : Transcript 2.1.1 - laserWriter don't answer

From: Celso de Souza Lima (
Date: Wed Mar 31 1993 - 12:29:56 CST

Thanks to all that responded.

The problem was really a hardware problem in the serial port
of the LaserWriter. It receives data but could not transmit.

The most helpfull advices came from Andrew Luebker, and
Wilton Speziali Caldas.

In both cases, I could determine that LaserWriter didn't give any
any return.

Andrew said:
>At least with the original Apple LaserWriter, you could use
>"tip printer" (with a suitable /etc/printcap entry for "printer")
>to test the printer.
>You must type "executive" without ANY errors (no deletes/backspaces
>allowed!) and press the RETURN/ENTER key before you will receive
>any interactive prompts from the PostScript interpreter.

Wilton gave me the check and mate!
>> I pointed that I redirected the printer to a named pipe, and the lpd prints:
>> (%%[ pagecount: )print statusdict/pagecount get exec( )cvs
>> print( , 1276 14 ]%%)= flush
>Printer should return:
>%%[ pagecount: 1(, 2893 2 ]%%)

Other people pointed me to check the line (what I did changing the tty port
to another one I use with modems)

Some suggested to check the right directory to install.

Thanks to:
Andrew Luebker <>
Wilton Speziali Caldas <>
David Fetrow <>
Louis M. Brune <andataco!!louis@UCSD.EDU> (Michael Harris)
Christian Lawrence <>
davidl@Newbridge.COM (David Law)


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