SUMMARY: Noisy cooling fan SS1

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1993 - 11:08:13 CST

Three weeks ago, I asked
>The cooling fan on the back of the power supply in my Sparcstation 1 is
>starting to sound like a dentist's drill. Can anyone tell me a part number
>and supplier for a replacement? How about a thermostatically controlled
>replacement to cut down the noise level?

It turns out the fan was fine. The noise disappeared, and has very briefly
appeared infrequently since. I think it is coming from one of the
Quantum P105's in this machine, which have been spinning for over 4 years.

Thanks to: (Wolfgang Kuehnel ) Fri Mar 5 05:15:42 1993 (Paul A. Hepp)
and a few others I accidentally deleted!

One respondent recommended WD-40 :), no-one had a specific part number for the
fan alone. I took the power supply module out, the fan is a Mitsubishi
MMF-06B12DS 12 volt, 220mA. It turned freely, but I lubricated it anyways,
and replaced it.

Paul postulated Rave (1-800-966-RAVE) as a second source for the fan.
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