SUMMARY: disconnecting live SCSI bus

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Tue Mar 30 1993 - 07:06:13 CST

Sorry for the delayed summary. Three weeks ago, I asked:

> Is it safe to disconnect a SCSI device with the CPU and other devices powered?
This was in reference to having a mobile CD drive.

The final tally was: 3 said it was safe to disconnect a SCSI device at any time,
9 people, among them said words to the effect:

>It is possible that you can connect and disconnect without blowing the (SCSI
>bus) fuse.
>My record is about 30-1 with no blown fuse. If you do this, however, be sure
>to L1-A to halt UNIX to the prom monitor first. Then, after the cabling is
>done, use "ok go" or "> c" to continue the CPU. It is still possible to panic
>the kernel doing this, so I would "sync" before halting, just in case.
>Obviously, devices that are "in use" should never be removed.

But most of these recommended powering down.
Another 9 respondents were more emphatic, and said you *must* power
down before fiddling with the SCSI bus. also mentioned:
"Apunix has a SCSI repeater box that is <$200 and will allow for live
connection/disconnection with no ill effects to the host and other devices."

In the future, I plan to halt the machine (at least) in emergencies, and
power down for planned hardware moves. It doesn't seem worth the risk to
play with a live SCSI bus.

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