SUMMARY: Error 78 from FTPD

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Date: Mon Mar 29 1993 - 18:35:27 CST

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> Several weeks ago I ftp'ed the ftpd.wuarchive.shar ftp daemon source
> and built the daemon to run on SunOS 4.1.3. It usually works fine,
> however, several people in my organization have attempted to "get"
> files from my ftp server to their local host and receive an "Error 78"
> message for their troubles.
> In the course of setting up the ftp home directory I followed the
> information in the ftpd.8 man page that is enclosed with the
> ftpd.wuarchive.shar package.
> Funny thing about this. It only seems to happen to users who are using
> an SCO OS on a PC. Also it only happens on files that are larger than
> ~500 KB.
> Has anyone seen (and fixed :) ) this problem before ??

Apparently SCO operating systems have different filesystem conventions
from SunOS and they cannot accept long filenames. I have informed the
users here that they should use the "get file1 file2" form of the ftp "get"
command to rename the local file when it is retrieved from my ftp server.

Thanks to the following people for their assistance:
George Pallas
Wojtek Sylwestrzak
Daniel Trinkle

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