Re: Summary: DAT vs 8mm Exabyte

From: Ruth Milner (
Date: Fri Mar 26 1993 - 12:47:43 CST

In article <> (Don Wells) writes:
>In addition to slow seek action,
>the tapemarks are enormously larger on 8200s than on DATs and 8500s,
>about 6 *megabytes*

2.2MB per filemark in 8200 mode, 48 kilobytes in 8500 mode, 4 bytes for DAT
(according to HP). Approximate data transfer rates are 200KB/s, 500KB/s, and
180KB/s respectively.

Of course, you can configure your 8200 to always use short filemarks, but
then you cannot add more data after the initial stuff once you've rewound.

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