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Date: Thu Mar 25 1993 - 13:56:46 CST

My original post:

> I am trying to setup a SLIP client using slip-4.1. I managed to
>do a slip-attach and add the defaultrouter. However when I tried to
>do a telnet, it seems that it is going through le0 and not ttya.
>What's wrong?
>I did a netstat -r and it says the interface is le0. How do I
>tell it that the interface is not le0, but ttya?
>Thanks in advance,
>Kee Chua

Sorry for the late summary because I was very busy lately. I have given up
using slip-41 and used cslip-2.6 instead. cslip works great and is very
easy to install.
However I think I may know what my problem is with slip-41. When I
type slipattach, I used /dev/ttya for the device and slipattach from
slip-41 did not complain at all. But when I do slattach from cslip
using /dev/ttya, it complains that /dev/ttya is busy. So I used cua0
instead of ttya and it works! This make me believe that had I used cua0
instead of ttya for slip-41, it might have worked.

Thanks to the following for responding:

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Thanks again to all who responsed.

Kee Chua

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