SUMMARY - f77 1.4 limits

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Date: Wed Mar 24 1993 - 21:11:04 CST

Original question:

>We have a SS2 with 32meg ram and OS4.1.2. I am trying to run some code
>(fortran) with some very large array's. The sun fortran compiler (v. 1.4)
>gives me an error:
>stat: Not Enough Memory
>I looked through the documentation and the man pages (our documentation
>is not for this version) and could not find any info on limits. Does
>anyone have any info on how to estimate the size of arrays with the
>given ram or if there is a limit in sun fortran?


The general response was add swap space with mkfile and swapon. Make sure
to do a pstat -s to insure the new swap was in fact opened. I did receive a
program to check the kernel for limits but have not had a chance to try it.
If anyone is interested in a copy of the program send me mail. With 20Meg
of additional swap everything ran fine.

Final note: It seems obvious now but one way to estimate the total ram
necessary is as follows.

        "You can also simply use the fact that DOUBLE PRECISION
        arrays take 8 bytes per element, REAL arrays and INTEGER arrays
        take 4 bytes per element and INTEGER*2 arrays take 2 bytes per
        element to get a lower limit on the swap space you need."


        "Use the size command on the linked image."

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