SUMMARY: "byte displacement overflow" errors

From: Dave Sill (de5@sws1.CTD.ORNL.GOV)
Date: Tue Mar 23 1993 - 10:50:15 CST

In article <9303161408.AA00930@sws1.CTD.ORNL.GOV> I wrote:
>SPARCstation 1+, SunOS 4.1.2
>Patches installed: 100377-04, 100631-01, 100188-02, 100173-09
>>From another system, I execute the command:
> % rsh foo date
> yte displacement overflow at xTue Mar 16 09:02:24 EST 1993
> %
> % rlogin foo
> yte displacement overflow at xbyte displacement overflow at xLast login: Tue Mar 16 08:34:21 from bar
>I can get in by telnet, but I get the same "byte displacement overflow
>at x" error before almost every command--but the commands still seem
>to work.
>Any ideas? What *is* byte displacement overflow? Is the bit bucket

Wolfgang Wetz ( put me on the right track with:
>The message definitely comes from from; I was able to reproduce and
>to trace them by starting ye-old sunview. After having found the source
>of the problem I checked all the shared library files against a brand new
>installation of 4.1.2 - I found no differences.

I sum'd the shared libraries on the offending system, compared them
against a good system, and discovered that (standard
libc1.7 with resolve+) was corrupted.

This is the second time this library's been corrupted on this system.
Any ideas what can cause that? (SPARCstation 1+, SunOS 4.1.2)

Thanks to all who responded.

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