SUMMARY: how to make use ip number as well??

From: Carlos Carvalho (
Date: Sat Mar 20 1993 - 02:27:48 CST

I asked a few days ago:
>I'm trying to send mail to a certain address but get "host unknown".
>Apparently there are no mx records for this address
>(, but its ip number is available. Why
>doesn't use it when it can't find a mail exchanger? I
>think that according to RFC's it should.

Some people said to enclose the IP number in square brackets, like
(btw, this is the real IP number of the host I'm trying to reach).
While it's nice to learn this, it's not what I was looking for. I'd
like sendmail[.mx] to AUTOMATICALLY use the IP number when it doesn't
get an mx record for the host. Apparently this is what the RFC's specify.

A few other people said that there's no IP number in the maps, which
is not true. Here's what nslookup says:

Non-authoritative answer:

The maps have also a CNAME entry and a list of where authoritative
answers can be found.

One person, (Andy Feldt) says that he has
no trouble sending mail to the host. If this is really the case, his system
is working right, and the behaviour I desire is feasible. All I want
to know is how to do it. Is it just a configuration problem? Is it
related to the version of sendmail?

Any pointers??

Thanks to all who responded,

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