SUMMARY: OpenWin and NCR X Terminals

From: Bert Robbins (
Date: Sat Mar 20 1993 - 00:19:24 CST

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I have just acquired 3 NCR M3533 X Terminals and was wondering
if any one knew how to get these to operate with OpenWin 2.0
running from a SS2 SunOS 4.1.1?


Acquired a version of X11R4 to get XDM up and running, that is
its only use.

Configured the M3533 for bootp operation as per instructions in
the instruction manual. NOTE: The Motif Window Manager is not used.

Booted the system, logged in and executed a slightly modified
/usr/openwin/bin/openwin script in the xterm that xdm starts.
Everything comes up just like you were on a Sun.

The modifications to the openwin script are as follows:

1) Disable all of the DISPLAY variable checking and configuring.

2) Forget all the command line parameters.

3) Prevent xinit from executing.

4) Start "olwm" in the background.

5) Execute the contents of ~/.openwin-init.

6) Iconify the initial xterm.

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