SUMMARY:no response from sun - C++ and sparcworks

From: Andy J. Stefancik 206-234-3049 (
Date: Fri Mar 19 1993 - 21:41:05 CST

It seems that most likely, this is the answer:

I don't think you can use the newer SPARCworks debuggers with the results
of the older compilers ... you need to keep the versions in lockstep with
each other.

You've got the right idea: Using dbx from 2.0.1 sparcworks (run under
debugger) won't work with binaries produced by SC1.0x 'cc' compiler. If
you want to use Sparcworks 2.0.1, use acc from SC2.0.1. If you want to
use cc from SC1.0, or /bin/cc, use the debugging tools from the SC1.0x

Don't try to mix tools from Sparcworks 2.0.1 with binaries from SC1.0x,
or /bin/cc.
comment. I don't know where cc and acc came from with the SC1.0 C++
version, but the SC2.0.1 version of C++ does not include cc or acc.
This was hard to see because we just loaded the new version ontop of
the old version. Sun is clearly selling 2 seperate products with SC2.

I feel obligated to state that the sun-managers list solved this problem in
a day and a half. I have had this call into Sun for 1 month.

thanks to
Terry Rosenbaum <>
Mike Raffety <>

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