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Date: Thu Mar 18 1993 - 15:46:09 CST

Hello everybody.
Sorry for this late summary, but we have been having some problem with our
internal mail system.
My original question was:
> Q. : Can a 4/470 CPU board be installed in a 3/470 (later version in an
> office pedestal) ?
> If so, what do I need to change (hardware/software) to make it work
> correctly?
The general answer was :
Yes it can be done depending on the age of the 3/470.
There are a few things that need to be done:
i) replace memory as well (the 3/470 memory board will not
     work with the 4/470)
ii) change the VME backplane (not a trivial job !!!).
iii) Maybe upgrade the power supply.
iv) replace all the compiled software since the Sun 3/470 runs the
     Sun 3x kernal.

Some Sun FE said some 3/470s did not need the new backplane but early ones did:
a bit tricky to find out and therefore,
a) get local Sun FE to have a look at the system to find out
   what revision of the back plane is and whether it
   needs to be changed or not.
b) Have a look at the Sun Field Engineering Handbook which
   will show part numbers for the different systems.
c) DO NOT just plug it in and try it!

Bill Orr wrote:
> I recently upgraded a Sun 3/470 to a 4/670MP with no problem.
> A few things are different, however.
> 1) Many (actually, most) of the other boards will be useless.
> 2) You will be able to use the same 4MB SIMMs as a Mac IIci.
> Just get enough to fill an entire bank. 128MB on the 670 board.
> Buy good ones.
> Reload your software and SunInstall will load the appropriate files. That's it!

Thanks to:
ups!upstage!glenn@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Bill Orr)


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