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From: Bill Moss (bmoss@math.clemson.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 18 1993 - 05:04:44 CST

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> A sendmail question:
> I upgraded our sparcstation network to OS 4.1.3 recently
> but used the old rc.local and sendmail.cf since these files
> did not change from 4.1.2 to 4.1.3. I am using NIS and dns
> and the mx version of sendmail.
> When I reboot the server and then send local mail from a
> client, I get returned mail as in
> >From bmoss Tue Feb 9 12:51:47 1993
> Subject: returned mail for bmoss
> Status: RO
> Mail error was: 550 <bmoss>... User unknown^M
> --- returned mail follows ---
> To: bmoss
> Subject: test
> If I kill the sendmail process on the server and restart it
> using the same command in rc.local, then problem is fixed.
> We had no such problem with 4.1.2.
> Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

The three solutions listed below were recommended. I chose solution 1.
It works!!

Bill Moss
Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University

1. Six managers suggested:

In /etc/rc.local move the lines

    if [ -f /usr/etc/ldconfig ]; then
       ldconfig; echo "link-editor directory cache"

from the end of the file so that ldconfig is invoked before

if [ -f /usr/lib/sendmail -a -f /etc/sendmail.cf ]; then
        (cd /var/spool/mqueue; rm -f nf* lf*)
        /usr/lib/sendmail -bd -q1h; echo -n ' sendmail'

2. Five managers suggested

rm /etc/sendmail.fc.

3. Two managers suggested patches as follows:

This sun patch might fix your problem:
Patch-ID# 100377-05

I've seen this with the non-mx version of sendmail on both 4.1.2 and
4.1.3. I installed patch 100377, and that didn't seem to fix it

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