Summary: Help with some TAR questions!

From: Leif Neve (
Date: Wed Mar 17 1993 - 08:49:08 CST

In article, (Leif Neve) writes:
>To copy a directory hierarchy, I have always been able to:
> % cd todir
> % (cd fromdir; tar cf - . ) | tar xvfB -
>Suddenly, I am working in an environment where that doesn't work!
>I get a checksum error. This environment sports a range of SunOS
>versions through 4.1.3. All of them yield the checksum error.
>Get this, though. As long as I am not *in* the todir, things work.
>For example, the following works:
> % cd fromdir
> % tar cf - . | (cd todir; tar xvfB -)
>And also the following:
> % cd fromdir; tar cf - . | (cd todir; tar xvfB -)

An alert user informed me that my cd command was probably
aliased to something like setting my xterm title and that this
was the probable cause of my problems.

Indeed, that is the case, and explains why the second two forms of the
tar command work. In these examples, the cd command output is not
being piped to the tar command!

Leif Neve

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