INFO: Command summary, SunOS 4.x --> 5.x

From: frederick.d.true (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1993 - 22:38:57 CST

The following list is a summary of SunOS 4.x commands and their SunOS
5.x counterparts, if any. This was lifted from the Sun "Admigration"
(such a silly word...) package, and seems to be legal according to the
license therein. The format is:

oldcommand new command(&path) if any notes

There will be a post following this containing the "whatnow" script
for looking up single commands in this file. Since I haven't moved
myself into 5.x yet, I've hacked my tcsh config to print the 5.x
equivalent of command lines in parenthesis when I type them, just to
get me thinking.

I know many people have the admigration package, but for those who
don't (and there are many, judging from all the "where is XXX in 5.x?"
posts as of late) it may be useful.

------------------------CUT HERE-----------"whatlist"-----------------
# 4.x /usr/bin commands
# @(#)whatlist 1.1 92/01/29 SMI khr
acctcom /usr/bin/acctcom same
adb /usr/bin/adb same
addbib /usr/bin/addbib same
adjacentscreens 4.x command only
adjacentscreens openwin -dev alternate command
adv /usr/bin/adv same
aedplot /usr/ucb/aedplot part of SCP package
align_equals 4.x command only
align_equals openwin text menu "indent" alternate command
ar /usr/ccs/bin/ar change
arch part of SCP package
arch -k /usr/ucb/arch -k part of SCP package
arch -k /usr/bin/uname -m alternate command
as /usr/ccs/bin/as change
as /opt/SUNWste/bin/as change, part of SPARCompilers
at /usr/bin/at change
atoplot /usr/ucb/atoplot change
atq /usr/bin/atq change
atrm /usr/bin/atrm change
awk /usr/bin/awk change
banner /usr/bin/banner same
bar 4.x command only
bar /usr/bin/cpio -H bar alternate command
basename /usr/bin/basename same
batch /usr/bin/batch change
bc /usr/bin/bc same
bgplot /usr/ucb/bgplot part of SCP package
cal /usr/bin/cal same
calendar /usr/bin/calendar change
cancel /usr/bin/cancel same
capitalize /usr/bin/capitalize change
captoinfo /usr/bin/captoinfo same
cat /usr/bin/cat change
cb /opt/SUNWste/bin/cb part of SPARCompilers
cc /opt/SUNWste/bin/cc part of SPARCompilers
cc /usr/ucb/cc shell script for C SPARCompilers
cd csh command same
cflow /opt/SUNWste/bin/cflow part of SPARCompilers
checkeq /usr/bin/checkeq same
chfn 4.x command only
chfn /usr/bin/passwd -f alternate command
chgrp /usr/bin/chgrp change
chkey /usr/bin/chkey same
chmod /usr/bin/chmod change
chsh /usr/bin/passwd -s alternate command
clear_colormap 4.x command only
clear_functions same
click 4.x command only
clock SunView 4.x command only
clock openwin/bin/clock alternate command
cmdtool SunView 4.x command only
cmdtool openwin/bin/cmdtool alternate command
cmp /usr/bin/cmp same
col /usr/bin/col change
coloredit openwin property sheet alternate command
comm /usr/bin/comm same
cp /usr/bin/cp change
cpio /usr/bin/cpio change
crontab /usr/bin/crontab same
crtplot /usr/ucb/crtplot part of SCP package
crypt /usr/bin/crypt same
csh /usr/bin/csh same
csplit /usr/bin/csplit same
ctrace /opt/SUNWste/bin/ctrace change, part of SPARCompilers
cu /usr/bin/cu same
cut /usr/bin/cut same
cxref /opt/SUNWste/bin/cxref change, part of SPARCompilers
date /usr/bin/date change
dbxtool /opt/SUNWste/bin/dbxtool part of SPARCworks
dc /usr/bin/dc same
dd /usr/bin/dd change
defaults_from_input use OWN property sheet
defaults_merge 4.x SunView command only
defaults_to_indentpro use OWN property sheet
defaults_to_mailrc use OWN property sheet
defaultsedit use OWN property sheet
deroff /usr/bin/deroff same
df /usr/ucb/df part of SCP package
df /usr/bin/df change, SysV version
diff /usr/bin/diff change
diff3 /usr/bin/diff3 same
diffmk /usr/bin/diffmk same
dircmp /usr/bin/dircmp change, SysV version
dirname /usr/bin/dirname same, SysV version
dis /usr/ccs/bin/dis change
dname /usr/bin/dname same
domainname /usr/bin/domainname same
dorfs 4.x command only
dorfs /usr/sbin/rfstart use rfstart and rfstop
dos2unix /usr/bin/dos2unix same
du /usr/bin/du SysV version
du /usr/ucb/du part of SCP package
dumbplot /usr/ucb/dumbplot part of SCP package
dumpkeys /usr/bin/dumpkeys same
e 4.x command only
e /usr/bin/ex alternate command
e /usr/ucb/e -> ../bin/ex change
echo /usr/ucb/echo part of SCP package
echo /usr/bin/echo SysV version
ed /usr/bin/ed same
egrep /usr/bin/egrep same
eject /usr/bin/eject same
enroll 4.x command only
env /usr/bin/env same
eqn /usr/bin/eqn same
ex /usr/bin/ex same
expr /usr/bin/expr SysV version
expr /usr/ucb/expr part of SCP package
false /usr/bin/false same
fdformat /usr/bin/fdformat same
fgrep /usr/bin/fgrep change
file /usr/bin/file change
file /usr/ucb/file part of SCP package
find /usr/bin/find change
fmt_mail 4.x command only
fontedit 4.x command only
fumount /usr/bin/fumount same
fusage /usr/bin/fusage same
get_alarm 4.x command only
get_selection 4.x command only
get_selection openwin/bin/xv_get_sel alternate command
getopt /usr/bin/getopt same
getoptcvt /usr/lib/getoptcvt same
gfxtool 4.x command only
gigiplot /usr/ucb/gigiplot part of SCP package
glob csh command same
goto csh command same
graph /usr/bin/graph same
grep /usr/bin/grep change
hashstat csh command same
hostid /usr/ucb/hostid part of SCP package
hostid /etc/sysdef -h alternate command
hostname 4.x command only
hostname /usr/ucb/hostname part of SCP package
hostname /usr/bin/uname -n alternate command
hostrfs /usr/sbin/hostrfs same
hp7221plot /usr/bin/hp7221plot part of SCP package
hpplot /usr/ucb/hpplot part of SCP package
i386 /usr/bin/i386 same
iAPX286 /usr/bin/iAPX286 same
iconedit SunView 4.x command only
iconedit openwin/bin/iconedit alternate command
id /usr/bin/id same
idload /usr/bin/idload same
implot /usr/ucb/implot part of SCP package
indent /opt/SUNWste/bin/indent part of SPARCompilers
indentpro_to_defaults openwin property sheet alternate command
indxbib /usr/bin/indxbib same
infocmp /usr/bin/infocmp changed -s option
input_from_defaults /usr/bin/input_from_defaults same
insert_brackets /usr/bin/insert_brackets change
install /usr/sbin/install change
install /usr/ucb/install part of SCP package
iostat /usr/bin/iostat change
ipcrm /usr/bin/ipcrm same
ipcs /usr/bin/ipcs same
join /usr/bin/join change
keylogin /usr/bin/keylogin same
keylogout /usr/bin/keylogout same
kill /usr/bin/kill same
kill -1 1 /usr/sbin/init -q alternate command
ld /usr/ccs/bin/ld many changes
ld /usr/ucb/ld part of SCP package,shell script
ldd /usr/bin/ldd same
lex /opt/SUNWste/bin/lex change, part of SPARCompilers
line /usr/bin/line same
lint /opt/SUNWste/bin/lint part of SPARCompilers
lint /usr/ucb/lint shell script (SPARCompiler lint)
ln /usr/bin/ln change, SysV version
ln /usr/ucb/ln part of SCP package
loadkeys /usr/bin/loadkeys same
lockscreen 4.x command only
lockscreen openwin/bin/xlock alternate command
lockscreen_default 4.x command only
login /usr/bin/login same
logname /usr/bin/logname same
look /usr/bin/look same
lookbib /usr/bin/lookbib same
lorder /usr/ccs/bin/lorder shell script
lp /usr/bin/lp same
lpstat /usr/bin/lpstat same
ls /usr/bin/ls change, SysV version
ls /usr/ucb/ls change, part of SCP package
lsw 4.x command only
m4 /usr/ccs/bin/m4 change
m68k /usr/bin/m68k change
mach /usr/ucb/mach part of SCP package
mach /usr/bin/uname -p alternate command
mail /usr/bin/mail same, SysV version
mail /usr/ucb/mail -> ../bin/mailx change
mailrc_to_defaults 4.x command only
mailtool SunView 4.x command only
mailtool openwin/bin/mailtool alternate command
make /usr/ccs/bin/make same, 4.x SunPRO make
make /usr/ccs/lib/svr4.make SVR4 make
mc68010 /usr/bin/mc68010 -> ../bin/false same
mc68020 /usr/bin/mc68020 -> ../bin/false same
mesg /usr/bin/mesg same
mkdir /usr/bin/mkdir same
mt /usr/bin/mt same
mv /usr/bin/mv change; "-" option invalidated
nawk /usr/bin/nawk same
neqn /usr/bin/neqn same
newgrp /usr/bin/newgrp same
nice /usr/bin/nice change
nl /usr/bin/nl same
nlsadmin /usr/sbin/nlsadmin change
nm /usr/ccs/bin/nm change
nohup /usr/bin/nohup change, SysV version
nroff /usr/bin/nroff same
nsquery /usr/bin/nsquery same
od /usr/bin/od same
on /usr/bin/on same
onintr csh command same
overview 4.x command only
pack /usr/bin/pack change
pagesize /usr/ucb/pagesize part of SCP package
passwd /usr/bin/passwd change
paste /usr/bin/paste same
pcat /usr/bin/pcat same
pdp11 /usr/bin/pdp11 same
perfmeter SunView 4.x command only
perfmeter openwin/bin/perfmeter alternate command
plot /usr/ucb/plot part of SCP package
plottoa /usr/ucb/plottoa part of SCP package
pr /usr/bin/pr change
prof /opt/SUNWste/bin/prof change, part of SPARCompilers
ps /usr/bin/ps change, SysV version
ps /usr/ucb/ps change, part of SCP package
ptx same
pwd /usr/bin/pwd same
ranlib 4.x command only
ranlib /usr/ccs/bin/ar alternate command
rasfilter8to1 4.x command only
rasfilter_rgbtobgr 4.x command only
rastrepl 4.x command only
red /usr/bin/red same
refer /usr/bin/refer same
rehash csh command same
remove_brackets /usr/bin/remove_brackets change
rev 4.x command only
rfadmin /usr/bin/rfadmin same
rfpasswd /usr/bin/rfpasswd same
rfstart /usr/bin/rfstart same
rfstop /usr/bin/rfstop same
rfuadmin /etc/rfs/rfuadmin same
rfudaemon /etc/rfs/rfudaemon same
ring_alarm 4.x command only
rm /usr/bin/rm change
rmail /usr/bin/rmail-> ../bin/mail change
rmdir /usr/bin/rmdir same
rmntstat /usr/sbin/rmntstat same
roffbib /usr/bin/roffbib same
rpcgen /usr/bin/rpcgen same
rsh /usr/bin/rsh remote shell
screenblank openwin/bin/xlock alternate command
screenblank openwin/bin/xset -s alternate command
screendump 4.x command only
screenload 4.x command only
scrolldefaults openwin property sheet alternate command
sdiff /usr/bin/sdiff same
sed /usr/bin/sed same, SysV version
sed /usr/ucb/sed change, BSD version
selection_svc openwin/bin/sv_xv_sel_svc alternate command
set csh command same
set_alarm 4.x command only
setpgrp /usr/bin/setpgrp same
sh /usr/bin/sh change
shelltool SunView 4.x command only
shelltool openwin/bin/shelltool alternate command
shift_lines /usr/bin/shift_lines change
size /usr/ccs/bin/size change
sleep /usr/bin/sleep same
sort /usr/bin/sort change
sortbib /usr/bin/sortbib same
sparc /usr/bin/sparc same
spell /usr/bin/spell change
spline /usr/bin/spline same
split /usr/bin/split same
strip /usr/ccs/bin/strip same
stty /usr/bin/stty change, SysV version
stty /usr/ucb/stty change, part of SCP package
stty_from_defaults 4.x command only
su /usr/bin/su change
sum /usr/bin/sum SysV version
sum /usr/bin/sum -r BSD version
sum /usr/ucb/sum BSD version, part of SCP package
sun /usr/bin/sun -> ../kvm/sun same
sun2 /usr/bin/sun2 same
sun3 /usr/bin/sun3 same
sun386 4.x command only
sun3x /usr/bin/sun3x same
sun4 /usr/bin/sun4 same
sun4c /usr/bin/sun4c same
suninstall /usr/sbin/install change
suntools 4.x command only, use openwin
sunview 4.x command only, use openwin
swin 4.x command only
switcher 4.x command only
sync /usr/bin/sync same
t300 /usr/ucb/t300 part of SCP package
t300s /usr/ucb/t300s part of SCP package
t4013 /usr/ucb/t4013 part of SCP package
t450 /usr/ucb/t450 part of SCP package
tar /usr/sbin/tar same
tbl /usr/bin/tbl same
tcov /opt/SUNWste/bin/tcov part of SPARCompilers
tee /usr/bin/tee same
tek /usr/ucb/tek part of SCP package
tektool 4.x command only
test /usr/ucb/test part of SCP package
textedit SunView 4.x command only
textedit openwin/bin/textedit alternate command
time /usr/bin/time change
tip 4.x command only
tip /usr/bin/cu use cu command
toolplaces 4.x command only
touch /usr/bin/touch SysV version
touch /usr/ucb/touch change, part of SCP package
tr /usr/bin/tr SysV version
tr /usr/ucb/tr change, part of SCP package
trace 4.x command only
trace /usr/bin/truss alternate command
traffic 4.x command only
traffic /usr/sbin/snoop alternate command
troff /usr/bin/troff file | lp change
true /usr/bin/true same
tsort /usr/ccs/bin/tsort same
tty /usr/bin/tty same
u370 /usr/bin/u370 same
u3b /usr/bin/u3b same
u3b15 /usr/bin/u3b15 same
u3b2 /usr/bin/u3b2 same
u3b5 /usr/bin/u3b5 same
umask csh command same
unadv /usr/bin/unadv same
uname /usr/bin/uname same
uniq /usr/bin/uniq same
units /usr/bin/units same
unix2dos /usr/bin/unix2dos same
unpack /usr/bin/unpack same
unset csh command same
unwhiteout 4.x command only
uudecode /usr/bin/uudecode same
uuencode /usr/bin/uuencode same
vax /usr/bin/vax same
vplot /usr/ucb/vplot part of SCP package
wall /usr/sbin/wall change
who /usr/bin/who same
write /usr/bin/write same
xargs /usr/bin/xargs same
xget 4.x command only
xsend 4.x command only
yacc /opt/SUNWste/bin/yacc part of SPARCompilers
ypcat /usr/bin/ypcat same
ypchfn /usr/bin/admintool alternate command
ypchsh /usr/bin/admintool alternate command
ypmatch /usr/bin/ypmatch same
yppasswd /usr/bin/yppasswd same
ypwhich /usr/bin/ypwhich same
# 4.x /usr/ucb commands
Mail 4.x command only
Mail /usr/ucb/Mail -> ../bin/mailx alternate command
apropos /usr/bin/apropos same
biff /usr/ucb/biff part of SCP package
biff -n chmod o-x dev/tty alternate command
biff -y chmod o+x dev/tty alternate command
checknr /usr/bin/checknr same
clear /usr/bin/clear same
colcrt 4.x command only
colrm 4.x command only
compress /usr/bin/compress same
ctags /usr/bin/ctags same
dbx /opt/SUNWste/bin/dbx part of SPARCworks
edit /usr/bin/edit same
error /opt/SUNWste/bin/error part of SPARCompilers
expand /usr/bin/expand same
finger /usr/bin/finger same
fmt /usr/bin/fmt same
fold /usr/bin/fold same
from /usr/ucb/from part of SCP package
ftp /usr/bin/ftp same
gcore /usr/bin/gcore same
gprof /opt/SUNWste/bin/gprof part of SPARCompilers
groups /usr/bin/groups same, SysV version
groups /usr/ucb/groups same, BSD version
head /usr/bin/head same
last /usr/bin/last same
lastcomm /usr/bin/lastcomm same
leave 4.x command only
leave /usr/sbin/cron use cron and at commands
logger /usr/ucb/logger same
lpq /usr/ucb/lpq part of SCP package
lpq /usr/bin/lpstat alternate command
lpq -P /usr/bin/lpstat -d alternate command
lpr /usr/ucb/lpr part of SCP package
lpr /usr/bin/lp alternate command
lpr -P /usr/bin/lp -d alternate command
lprm /usr/ucb/lprm part of SCP package
lprm /usr/bin/cancel alternate command
lprm -P /usr/bin/cancel -d alternate command
lptest /usr/ucb/lptest part of SCP package
man /usr/bin/man change
mkstr /usr/ucb/mkstr part of SCP package
more /usr/bin/more same
netstat /usr/bin/netstat same
newaliases /usr/bin/newaliases same
page /usr/bin/page same
printenv /usr/ucb/printenv part of SCP package
printenv /usr/bin/env alternate command
quota /usr/lib/fs/ufs/quota same
rcp /usr/bin/rcp same
rdate /usr/bin/rdate same
rdist /usr/bin/rdist same
reset /usr/ucb/reset -> ../ucb/tset change; -s option removed
rlogin /usr/bin/rlogin change
rup /usr/bin/rup same
ruptime /usr/bin/ruptime same
rusers /usr/bin/rusers same
rwho /usr/bin/rwho same
sccs /usr/ccs/bin/sccs same
script /usr/bin/script same
soelim /usr/bin/soelim same
strings /usr/bin/strings same
symorder /opt/SUNWste/bin/symorder part of SPARCompilers
tail /usr/bin/tail same
talk /usr/bin/talk change
tcopy /usr/bin/tcopy same
telnet /usr/bin/telnet same
tftp /usr/bin/tftp same
tset /usr/ucb/tset part of SCP package
ul /usr/bin/ul same
uncompress /usr/bin/uncompress same
unexpand /usr/bin/unexpand same
unifdef /usr/ccs/bin/unifdef same
uptime /usr/bin/uptime same
uptime /usr/bin/who -b alternate command
users /usr/ucb/users same
users /usr/bin/who -q alternate command
vacation /usr/bin/vacation change
vedit /usr/bin/vedit same
vgrind /usr/bin/vgrind same
vi /usr/bin/vi same
view /usr/bin/view same
vmstat /usr/bin/vmstat change
w /usr/bin/w same
wc /usr/bin/wc same
whatis /usr/bin/whatis same
whereis /usr/ucb/whereis part of SCP package
which /usr/bin/which same
whoami /usr/ucb/whoami same
whoami /usr/bin/id alternate command
whois /usr/bin/whois same
xstr /usr/bin/xstr same
yes 4.x command only
zcat /usr/bin/zcat same
# 4.x /usr/etc commands
ac 4.x command only
add_client host manangement in admintool alternate command
add_services 4.x command only
add_services /usr/sbin/pkgadd alternate command
arp /usr/sbin/arp same
audit_warn 4.x command only
auditd 4.x command only
automount /usr/lib/nfs/automount change
biod 4.x command only
biod replaced by kernel threads
catman /usr/bin/catman same
chill 4.x command only
chown /usr/bin/chown change, SysV version
chown /usr/ucb/chown 4.x version
chroot /usr/sbin/chroot same
chrtbl /usr/bin/chrtbl same
clri /usr/sbin/clri same
clri /usr/sbin/fsdb alternate command
colldef 4.x command only
colldef /usr/bin/colltbl alternate command
comsat /usr/sbin/in.comsat same
config 4.x command only
config /usr/sbin/modload alternate command
crash /etc/crash -> ../usr/kvm/crash change
cron /usr/sbin/cron same
dbconfig same
dcheck 4.x command only
devinfo /usr/lbin/devinfo change
devinfo /etc/prtconf alternate command
devinfo /etc/sysdef -d alternate command
devnm /usr/sbin/devnm -> ./df change
dkctl 4.x command only
dkinfo 4.x command only
dkinfo /usr/sbin/prtvtoc alternate command
dkinfo /usr/sbin/format alternate command
dmesg /usr/sbin/dmesg same
dump /usr/lib/fs/ufs/ufsdump alternate command
dumpfs 4.x command only
dumpfs /usr/sbin/fstyp -F ufs alternate command
edquota /usr/lib/fs/ufs/edquota same
eeprom /usr/sbin/eeprom same
etherd /usr/sbin/snoop replacement command
etherfind 4.x command only
etherfind /usr/sbin/snoop alternate command
exportfs 4.x command only
exportfs /usr/sbin/share alternate command
exportfs -a /usr/sbin/shareall alternate command
exportfs -u /usr/sbin/unshare alternate command
extract_files /usr/sbin/pkgadd replacement command
extract_patch 4.x command only
extract_unbundled 4.x command only
extract_unbundled /usr/sbin/pkgadd alternate command
fastboot /usr/ucb/fastboot part of SCP package
fastboot /usr/sbin/uadmin 2 1 alternate command
fasthalt /usr/ucb/fasthalt part of SCP package
fasthalt /usr/sbin/uadmin 2 0 alternate command
fingerd /usr/sbin/in.fingerd same
foption 4.x command only
format /usr/sbin/format change
fpuversion4 4.x command only
fpuversion4 /etc/prtconf alternate command
fsck /usr/sbin/fsck change
fsirand /usr/ucb/fsirand part of SCP package
ftpd /usr/sbin/in.ftpd same
fuser /usr/sbin/fuser same
gencat /usr/bin/gencat same
gettable /usr/sbin/gettable same
getty 4.x command only
getty /usr/lib/saf/ttymon alternate command
gpconfig 4.x command only
grpck /usr/sbin/grpck same
halt /usr/sbin/halt same
halt /usr/sbin/shutdown 0 alternate command
hostconfig /usr/sbin/hostconfig same
htable /usr/sbin/htable same
icheck same
ifconfig /usr/sbin/ifconfig same
in.comsat /usr/sbin/in.comsat same
in.fingerd /usr/sbin/in.fingerd same
in.ftpd /usr/sbin/in.ftpd same
in.named /usr/sbin/in.named same
in.named-xfer 4.x command only
in.rexecd /usr/sbin/in.rexecd same
in.rlogind /usr/sbin/in.rlogind same
in.routed /usr/sbin/in.routed same
in.rshd /usr/sbin/in.rshd change
in.rwhod /usr/sbin/in.rwhod same
in.talkd /usr/sbin/in.talkd same
in.telnetd /usr/sbin/in.telnetd same
in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd same
in.tnamed /usr/sbin/in.tnamed same
in.uucpd /usr/sbin/in.uucpd same
inetd /usr/sbin/inetd same
init /usr/sbin/init change
installtxt 4.x command only
installtxt /usr/bin/msgfmt alternate command
intr 4.x command only
keyenvoy 4.x command only
keyserv /usr/sbin/keyserv same
kgmon /usr/bin/kgmon same
ldconfig 4.x command only
link /usr/sbin/link same
lpc /usr/ucb/lpc part of SCP package
lpc /usr/sbin/lpadmin alternate command
mailstats /usr/bin/mailstats same
mconnect /usr/bin/mconnect same
mkfile /usr/sbin/mkfile same
mkfs /usr/sbin/mkfs change
mknod /usr/sbin/mknod change
mkproto 4.x command only
modload /usr/sbin/modload same
modstat 4.x command only
modstat /usr/sbin/modinfo alternate command
modunload /usr/sbin/modunload same
mount /usr/sbin/mount change
mount -a /usr/sbin/mountall alternate command
mount_hsfs 4.x command only
mount_hsfs /usr/sbin/mount -F hsfs alternate command
mount_lo 4.x command only
mount_lo /usr/sbin/mount -F lo alternate command
mount_pcfs 4.x command only
mount_rfs 4.x command only
mount_rfs /usr/sbin/mount -F rfs alternate command
mount_tfs 4.x command only
mount_tfs /usr/sbin/mount -F tfs alternate command
mount_tmp 4.x command only
named /usr/sbin/in.named same
ncheck /usr/sbin/ncheck same
ncheck /usr/sbin/ff alternate command
ndbootd 4.x command only
newfs /usr/sbin/newfs same
newkey /usr/sbin/newkey same
nfsd /usr/lib/nfs/nfsd same
nfsstat same
nserve 4.x command only
nslookup /usr/sbin/nslookup same
nstest /usr/sbin/nstest same
pac 4.x command only
ping /usr/sbin/ping same
portmap 4.x command only
portmap /usr/sbin/rpcbind alternate command
pstat 4.x command only
pstat /usr/sbin/sar alternate command
pstat -s /usr/sbin/swap -s alternate command
pwck /usr/sbin/pwck same
quot /usr/sbin/quot same
quotacheck /usr/sbin/quotacheck same
quotaoff /usr/sbin/quotaoff same
quotaon /usr/sbin/quotaon same
rarpd /usr/sbin/in.rarpd same
rdump 4.x command only
rdump /usr/sbin/ufsdump alternate command
reboot /usr/sbin/reboot same
reboot /usr/sbin/shutdown 6 alternate command
renice /usr/ucb/renice part of SCP package
repquota /usr/sbin/repquota same
restore 4.x command only
restore /usr/lib/fs/ufs/ufsrestore alternate command
rexecd /usr/sbin/in.rexecd same
rexd /usr/sbin/in.rexd alternate command
rlogind /usr/sbin/in.rlogind same
rmt 4.x command only
route /usr/sbin/route change
routed /usr/sbin/in.routed same
rpc.bootparamd /usr/sbin/rpc.bootparamd same
rpc.cmsd 4.x command only
rpc.etherd 4.x command only
rpc.lockd /usr/lib/nfs/lockd same
rpc.mountd /usr/lib/nfs/mountd same
rpc.rexd 4.x command only
rpc.rquotad 4.x command only
rpc.rstatd /usr/lib/netsvc/rstat/rpc.rstatd same
rpc.rusersd /usr/lib/netsvc/rusers/rpc.rusersd same
rpc.rwalld /usr/lib/netsvc/rwall/rpc.rwalld same
rpc.showfhd 4.x command only
rpc.sprayd /usr/lib/netsvc/spray/rpc.sprayd same
rpc.statd /usr/lib/nfs/statd same
rpc.yppasswdd /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/rpc.yppasswdd same
rpc.ypupdated 4.x command only
rpc.ypupdated /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypupdated alternate command
rpcinfo /usr/bin/rpcinfo same
rrestore 4.x command only
rshd /usr/sbin/in.rshd change
rusage /usr/ucb/rusage part of SCP package
rusersd /usr/lib/netsvc/rusers/rpc.rusersd same
rwall /usr/sbin/rwall change
rwalld /usr/lib/netsvc/rwall/rpc.rwalld same
rwhod /usr/sbin/in.rwhod same
sa 4.x command only
sa /usr/lib/acct/* acct alternate commands
sa /usr/lib/sa/sa1 alternate command
savecore /usr/bin/savecore same
setsid 4.x command only
showfh same
showmount /usr/lib/fs/nfs/showmount same
showmount -a /usr/sbin/dfmounts alternate command
showmount -e /usr/sbin/dfshares alternate command
showrev /usr/bin/showrev
shutdown /usr/sbin/shutdown System V version
shutdown /usr/ucb/shutdown BSD version
spray /usr/sbin/spray change
sprayd /usr/lib/netsvc/spray/rpc.sprayd same
statd /usr/lib/nfs/statd same
sunlink.install 4.x command only
sunlink.install /usr/sbin/pkgadd alternate command
swapon 4.x command only
swapon /usr/sbin/swap -a alternate command
sys-config 4.x command only
syslogd /usr/sbin/syslogd same
sys-unconfig /usr/sbin/sys-unconfig same
talkd /usr/sbin/in.talkd same
telnetd /usr/sbin/in.telnetd same
tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd same
tfsd 4.x command only
tnamed /usr/sbin/in.tnamed same
trpt /usr/sbin/trpt same
ttysoftcar 4.x command only
tunefs /usr/sbin/tunefs same
tvconfig 4.x command only
tzsetup 4.x command only
ufsdump /usr/sbin/ufsdump same
umount /usr/sbin/umount change
umount -a /usr/sbin/umountall alternate command
umount_tfs 4.x command only
umount_tfs /usr/sbin/umount -F tfs alternate command
unlink /usr/sbin/unlink any user can now unlink a dir.
update 4.x command only
update fsflush alternate command
vipw /usr/ucb/vipw part of SCP package
ypbind /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypbind same
yppasswdd /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/rpc.yppasswdd same
ypupdated /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypupdated alternate command
ypserv 4.x command only
ypxfr /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypxfr same
ypxfrd /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypxfrd same
zdump /usr/sbin/zdump same
zic /usr/sbin/zic same
# 4.x /usr/lib commands
acctcms /usr/lib/acct/acctcms same
acctcon1 /usr/lib/acct/acctcon1 same
acctcon2 /usr/lib/acct/acctcon2 same
acctdisk /usr/lib/acct/acctdisk same
acctdusg /usr/lib/acct/acctdusg same
acctmerg /usr/lib/acct/acctmerg same
accton /usr/lib/acct/accton same
acctprc1 /usr/lib/acct/acctprc1 same
acctprc2 /usr/lib/acct/acctprc2 same
acctwtmp /usr/lib/acct/acctwtmp same
adbgen same
calendar /usr/lib/calprog use calprog program
ccom 4.x command only
cg /opt/SUNWste/SC2.0/cg part of SPARCompilers
chargefee /usr/lib/acct/chargefee same
ckpacct /usr/lib/acct/ckpacct same
compile 4.x command only
cpp /usr/ccs/lib/cpp change
cpp /opt/SUNWste/bin/cpp part of SPARCompilers
dag 4.x command only
diffh /usr/lib/diffh same
diskusg same
dodisk /usr/lib/acct/dodisk same
expreserve /usr/lib/expreserve same
exrecover /usr/lib/exrecover same
fcvt 4.x command only
flip 4.x command only
fwtmp /usr/lib/acct/fwtmp same
getNAME /usr/lib/getNAME same
hashcheck /usr/lib/spell/hashcheck same
hashmake /usr/lib/spell/hashmake same
inline /opt/SUNWste/SC2.0/inline part of SPARCompilers
iropt /opt/SUNWste/SC2.0/iropt part of SPARCompilers
lastlogin /usr/lib/acct/lastlogin same /usr/lib/ same
listen /usr/lib/saf/listen same
lockd /usr/lib/nfs/lockd same
lpd 4.x command only
lpd /usr/lib/lp/lpsched alternate command
lpf 4.x command only
lpfx 4.x command only
makekey /usr/lib/makekey same
makewhatis /usr/lib/makewhatis same
modacct /usr/lib/acct/modacct same
monacct /usr/lib/acct/monacct same
mountd /usr/lib/nfs/mountd same
necf 4.x command only
newsyslog /usr/lbin/newsyslog same
nmf 4.x command only
nulladm /usr/lib/acct/nulladm same
praudit n/a part of C2 security package
prctmp /usr/lib/acct/prctmp same
prdaily /usr/lib/acct/prdaily same
prtacct /usr/lib/acct/prtacct same
prxf 4.x command only
rotate 4.x command only
rotprt 4.x command only
rsh /usr/lib/rsh restricted shell
runacct /usr/lib/acct/runacct same
sendmail /usr/lib/sendmail same
shutacct /usr/lib/acct/shutacct same
spellin /usr/lib/spell/spellin same
startup /usr/lib/acct/startup 4.x command only
statd /usr/lib/nfs/statd same
turnacct /usr/lib/acct/turnacct same
uucheck /usr/lib/uucp/uucheck same
uucico /usr/lib/uucp/uucico same
uucleanup /usr/lib/uucp/uucleanup same
uusched /usr/lib/uucp/uusched same
uuxqt /usr/lib/uucp/uuxqt same
vfontedpr /usr/lib/vfontedpr same
xpass 4.x command only
# 4.x /usr/old or unknown path commands
analyze /bin/adb command retired from /usr/old
change_login 4.x 386i command only
check4 4.x 386i command only
client 4.x 386i command only
disablenumlock 4.x 386i command only
dos 4.x 386i command only
enablenumlock 4.x 386i command only
fontflip 4.x 386i command only
generic_args 4.x SunView command only
getopts same
help_open 4.x 386i command only
indxb same
labelit /uar/sbin/labelit same
load /usr/sbin/pkgadd replacement command
load_package 4.x command only
machid same
mailrc_to_default OL properties sheet replacement function
mc68881version 4.x Sun-3 command only
netconfig 4.x 386i command only
objdump 4.x 386i command only pwdauthd part of C2 security package
rasfilter8tol 4.x command only
rm_services /usr/sbin/pkgdel replacement command
setkeys OL Properties sheet replacement function
skyversion 4.x command only
sundiag same
sv_acquire 4.x SunView command only
sv_release same
sysex 4.x 386i command only
syswait 4.x 386i command only
textedit_filters change; new OL commands
unload 4.x 386i command only
wait same
# 4.x /usr/sccs commands
admin /usr/ccs/bin/admin change
cdc /usr/ccs/bin/cdc change
comb /usr/ccs/bin/comb change
delta /usr/ccs/bin/delta change
get /usr/ccs/bin/get change
help /usr/ccs/bin/help same
prs /usr/ccs/bin/prs change
prt /usr/ccs/bin/prt same
rmdel /usr/ccs/bin/rmdel change
sact /usr/ccs/bin/sact change
sccsdiff /usr/ccs/bin/sccsdiff change
unget /usr/ccs/bin/unget change
val /usr/ccs/bin/val same
what /usr/ccs/bin/what same
sccs-admin /usr/ccs/bin/admin same
sccs-cdc /usr/ccs/bin/cdc same
sccs-comb /usr/ccs/bin/comb same
sccs-delta /usr/ccs/bin/delta same
sccs-get /usr/ccs/bin/get same
sccs-help /usr/ccs/bin/help same
sccs-prs /usr/ccs/bin/prs same
sccs-prt /usr/ccs/bin/prt same
sccs-rmdel /usr/ccs/bin/rmdel same
sccs-sact /usr/ccs/bin/sact same
sccs-sccsdiff /usr/ccs/bin/sccsdiff no longer passes options to diff
sccs-unget /usr/ccs/bin/unget same
sccs-val /usr/ccs/bin/val same
# 4.x /, /dev, /etc, /usr/5bin, /usr/mdec, /usr/etc/yp commands
audit 4.x command only
boot bootprom command change
C2conv part of C2 security package
C2unconv part of C2 security package
des /kernel/misc/des same
gxtest 4.x standalone command only
installboot /usr/sbin/installboot change
kadb /kadb same
makedbm /usr/sbin/makedbm change
MAKEDEV boot -r alternate bootprom command
pax /usr/bin/cpio alternate command
paxcpio /usr/bin/cpio alternate command
pg /usr/bin/pg same
rc /sbin/bcheckrc alternate program
rc.boot /sbin/bcheckrc alternate program
rc.local /etc/rc[2|3].d/* alternate scripts
rc.single /etc/rc[2|3].d/* alternate scripts
rm_client 4.x command only
set_alarm SunView 4.x command only
tabs /usr/bin/tabs changed
tic /usr/bin/tic same
tput /usr/bin/tput same
ustar /usr/sbin/tar alternate command
uucp /usr/bin/uucp same
uulog /usr/bin/uulog change
uuname /usr/bin/uuname same
uupick /usr/bin/uupick same
uusend 4.x command only
uustat /usr/bin/uustat same
uuto /usr/bin/uuto same
uux /usr/bin/uux same
vfontinfo 4.x command only
vswap 4.x command only
vtroff 4.x command only
vwidth 4.x command only
ypbatchupd 4.x command only
ypinit /usr/sbin/ypinit same
ypmake 4.x command only
yppoll /usr/sbin/yppoll same
yppush same
ypset /usr/sbin/ypset same
ypupdated /usr/lib/netsvc/yp/ypupdated same
# 4.x files
aliases /etc/aliases same
exports /etc/dfs/dfstab alternate file
fstab /etc/vfstab alternate file
gettytab /etc/ttydefs alternate file
group /etc/group change
hosts /etc/hosts same
hosts.equiv /etc/hosts.equiv same
inetd.conf /etc/inetd.conf change
Maxuuscheds /etc/uucp/Limits alternate file
Maxuuxqts /etc/uucp/Limits alternate file
mtab /etc/mnttab alternate file
printcap /usr/share/lib/terminfo alternate file
netmasks /etc/netmasks same
networks /etc/networks same
nit DLPI (Data Link Provider Interface) alternate interface
rhosts same
syslog.conf /etc/syslog.conf same
termcap /usr/share/lib/terminfo alternate file
ttys /etc/ttydefs alternate file
ttytab /etc/ttydefs alternate file
xtab /etc/dfs/sharetab alternate file

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