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Date: Tue Mar 16 1993 - 07:15:28 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

for two weeks I posted the following question:

> Please, can you help me with the following problem: we want to connect
> a mac to a Sparc fileserver with NFS. The mac is a Mac II cx, it runs
> the Finder 6.07 German and has a NuvoLink SC network adapter. The
> installation of the NFS/Share 1.1.1 Software from Intercom finished
> without errors, but the mac is not able to find any server inside the
> network. It simply hangs!
> Has anyone else connected a mac with Unix via NFS (not with AppleTalk,
> I know this works)? Some hints for me?
> Thanks in advance!
Some people reported they have a working setup with NFS/Share from
Intercon, but no one has a NuvoLink box. NFS/Share requires proper
Tcp-parameters and is not very friendly, when the parameters are setup
wrong. There is a newer version 1.1.2, which is supposed to have lots
of improvements over the older version. It is importand that MacTCP is loaded before NFS/Share!

The pd software cap6.0 makes a unix workstation talk EtherTalk whar
makes NFS/Share superfluous.

A telnet with build-in ftp capability called ncsa-telnet-... is
avalible from the US National Center for Supercomputing.

I ftped the ncsa-telnet and installed it on the mac to try out the
network. The Nuvolink box seems to be not a decent solution to connect
a mac to a network and the ncsa-telnet works only with his own tcp
drivers that are adapted to the SCSI-Ethernet adaptors. The ncsa-telnet
does not work with the MacTCP drivers, and so the NFS/Share can not
work either.

For now, the Mac user can open a session on a Unix workstation and he
can transfer files from/to his mac.

So there remains two solutions to make NFS/Share work:

        1.) replace the Nuvolink box by a network card


        2.) use cap6.0

Thanks to: (Chuck Yerkes) (Kerry Duke) (Chris Perry) (Fabrice Guerini) (John D Schneider) (Eric Burger)
        raoul@Athena.MIT.EDU (Shelly Feran) (Andreas Sorgatz)

Mit freundlichen Gruessen Frank Dzaak.


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