SUMMARY: Sparc 10 upgrade problems

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Date: Tue Mar 16 1993 - 03:40:12 CST

SUMMARY: Maxtor LXT213SY PROM revision 4.17 is known bad in the Sparc 10.

Apologies for the repost, but my previous summary seems to have gotten

> Has anyone else had problems migrating internal disks when upgrading
> a Sparc 2 to a Sparc 10? The Sun upgrade documentation suggests that
> both 207MB and 424MB drives can be migrated, but it don't work.
> Disk type: Maxtor LXT213SY
> Sun product: SUN0207
> Serial number: 0K06580515

I received excellent answers from everyone who responded. There are
two separate phenomena:

> Produces a "Data Access Exception" if a boot is attempted from it.
> But this may only be due to having a Sparc 2 boot block installed.

  People confirmed that this was the case, and provided the standard
  reminders about SunOS 4.1.3 and the sun4m kernel architecture.

> Hangs the processor when a boot is attempted from another drive.
> Now this is weird. The hang occurs at the expected place during the
> kernel device probes, right after finding esp0.

  This seems to be a PROM revision problem in the drive. Sun is aware
  of the problem, and people report that Sun Canada will replace the drive.

  The most comprehensive answer came from Todd Pfaff.
  He included the following text:


>Subject: SS10 and 207Mb Maxtor
>Warning - Low Rev 207Mb Maxtor disks !
>When upgrading to SS10, some 207Mb Maxtor disks with low firmware revision
>does not work. Or when using FSBE/S (the same fast SCSI chip).
>The symptom is that "probe-scsi" or "probe-scsi-all" sees the disk ok.
>But when accessing the disk, the systems hangs. The disk is not releasing
>the SCSI bus.
>Firmware Revision 4.24 and 4.26 is known good. (4.25 if released, don't know)
>Part number 370-1327-06 have the latest 4.26 firmware if it is Maxtor.
>Part number 370-1327-05 have firmware revision 4.24 and is ok.
>If the 370-1327 is Quantum, no know problems with firmware.
>Frimware Revision 4.17 is known bad. And probably lower revisions too.
>I don't know part number rev for sure, probably -04 and lower.
>Example of "probe-scsi" :
>Target X
> Unit X Disk MAXTOR LXT-213S SUN02074.24
>In this case the f/w revision is 4.24 (SUN02074.24), i.e. the disk is OK.


Thanks to all: Merci a tous:

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