SUMMARY: iobus level 9 interrupt not serviced

From: Ron.Madurski (
Date: Tue Mar 16 1993 - 01:26:32 CST

The original dilemna.

What does this error mean? It happened on an IPC running 4.1.1. It has
a single sbus card with the sparcprinter port and the bidirectional
parallel port attached to it. Drives are external, an old wren IV and
a HP 97548S. This message did not show up in my messages file, it was
just being repeatedly displayed on the console.

I was able to reboot it and it seems to be OK, but I don't want it to
happen again. If there is anything I can check please let me know.


The answer (sort of), I did not see any indication that the machine had
panicked since the message was constantly displaying over and over and
over, but it seems that late last night one of our users decided to try
aborting a print job by turning the sparcprinter off and on. That may
or may not have been the original culprit.

Thanks to Bill Hunter (bill@Access.COM)

: it means this; basically power cycle the machine.
: from sun's helpdesk:
: SRDB ID : 2766
: SYNOPSIS : iobus level 9 interrupt not serviced
: DETAIL DESCRIPTION : The following message appears in the "Read This
: First" notice for the SBus Printer Card:

Read this first and apparently forget it later.

: "If you reboot (or the system panics and reboots
: automatically) with the loadable drivers installed,
: you may see this message repeated on the screen:
: 'iobus level 9 interrupt not serviced'"
: SOLUTION SUMMARY : When the 'iobus level 9 interrupt not serviced'
: message appears, turn Desktop SPARCsystem
: off and on. The drivers will be loaded automatically
: when the system reboots.

apparently a reset cold will do it too since that's what I did to get it
going again.

: SYMPTOMS : panic / reboot / iobus level 9 interrupt not serviced
: KEYWORDS : sbus loadable drivers
: PRODUCT : drivers
: HARDWARE : sbus

I got a copy of a previous summary from
(Andrew Rakowski) also, if anyone is interested I can mail it to them.

Sorry this took so long, apparently the list admin daemon doesn't like a
cc to the list, and the bounce didn't make it back in time for me to see
it before I left for the week.

Have fun.

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