SUMMARY: Corrupted Directory Entry

From: Steven E. Grevemeyer (
Date: Mon Mar 15 1993 - 13:41:33 CST

Thanks for all of your help. The "unlink" command turned out to be the
solution to my stubborn file problem.

The solutions fell into two catagories, unlink or i-node deletion. I have
reprinted one of each.

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The following is the solutions, in order of arrival.

>From Fri Mar 12 03:12:41 1993

We had a problem like this on one of our UNIX workstations recently,
like you we tried rm -r and other things. Eventually we used the
unlink command (i.e. unlink dir) and this seemed to do the trick. It
removed the directory completely. This still left an inconsistency which
was then cleared up by fsck.

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>From Fri Mar 12 04:49:10 1993

Ok, the following is without guarantee. Go single user. Back up the
partition. Then do:

ls -li .lines # Note the I-Node number.
umount <affected partition> # I hope it's not the root or usr one.
/etc/clri <raw-device> <Number from the first command>
fsck <raw-device> # When asked about linking up the file/dir, say no.


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